Decorate Your Indoors in Bohemian Style with Agate Crystals

Mankind has used gemstones and colorful crystals for so many years, either for spiritual healing or as jewelry. Elaborating the same tradition, an online shop named Royal Suzie (owned by designer Megan Strickland) at Etsy has derived a unique way to decorate homes with these colorful and attractive objects. The shop has showcased decorative night lights made from Agate pieces which illuminate soft ambiance in the space along with decorating homes stylishly. Similar kind of rock pieces can be used as bookends to uniquely decorate your homes.

The Agate lighting objects are available in different colors such as pink, turquoise, and lilac. Some Agate pieces even have beautiful patterns which seem like the petal of a flower. The natural patterns in the Agate stones illuminate colorful light and draw everyone’s attention.

There are also some attractive agate rock pieces that serve as decorative bookends at home, as well as they can be used as planters for Tillandsia (grows without soil). All these handcrafted decor items in unique shapes instill positive energy and lend stylishness to your home.

For the unique look, decorate your home in bohemian style with these astonishing stone pieces. The agate stone pieces with Tillandsia will bring greenery to your home interiors. Other than that, you can use agate rocks in your own way; such as affixing them as knobs indoors/cabinets or simply using them as tableware.

Agate Slice Night Lights: $22-$55

Attractive patterns and shapes

Colorful Agate pieces

Night light fixtures

Brings soft ambiance to any space

Agate Bookends:  $45-$80

Showcase your books in style

These rock pieces also serve as planters

Bookends as decor pieces with attractive patterns

Unique way to decorate homes with Tillandsia

Handcrafted items

Rainbow Agate Knobs: $12-$20

Use as knobs in cabinets

Normal door knobs Vs. Agate knobs

Looks unique and catches everyone’s attention with imposing colors

Gemstone Bottle Stopper: $20-$35  

Unique Bottle stoppers

Looks like stone art

Clear infused glass stopper with rubber seal

Via: MMM & SSA

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