Falcon Nest: North America’s tallest single-family home up for sale again

Falcon Nest, a ten-storey passive home nestled across the 6,514-foot Thumb Butte in Prescott, Arizona is renowned as North America’s tallest single-family home, scaling ten storeys and 124-feet height. Designed by Phoenix architect Sukumar Pal, it is a perfect for those who want to have a home away from crowded cities, from where uninterrupted views of the valley can be enjoyed in peace. Built in 1994, this residential property boasts a unique design, towering shape and energy-efficient central area that is blessed with magnificent views of the surroundings. Defined as Palsolaral House, it is equipped with solar panels, while alternative cooling, heating and energy-generating systems are included to power-up the house in all circumstances.

The 6,200-square-foot house is designed as tall as possible to create a chimney effect for natural heating and cooling. This three-bedroom,  four-bathroom house has glass ceilings that offer amazing views of the the San Francisco Peaks and the Thumb Butte trail, while sitting comfortably inside. There is an elevator that leads from the first floor to sixth floor of the house. It can also be used as a Ham radio tower or an observatory located in a natural setting.

Inside the passive house, the bright interiors contrast the exposed ceiling design, while spacious living areas and rustic furniture ensure optimal comfort. A swimming pool is also there to spend perfect afternoons in the contemporary house.

Its name ‘Falcon Nest’ is derived from its winged shape, and it is a spectacular family house located a few minutes away from downtown’s famous Whiskey Row. The property was also on sale in 2015 for US$2.8 million and now again it is up for sale with Estately with a price tag of US$1.5 million.

Located in a serene location

Towering shape and large glass windows offer magnificent views

Features solarium living spaces

Exposed ceiling design

Unique lighting design

Bright interiors suits with exposed interior design well

Spacious bedrooms with separate bathrooms 

Uninterrupted views from every corner of the house

Main living area under the glass facade helps making it a passive house

Kitchen area in front of a series of windows makes the better cooking experience

Night view of the unique family home

Perfect for those who want to live high in mountains away from the crowded cities

Via: Curbed / Images: WSJ

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