Hank Chair’s Sophistication Lies in its Details and You can Build it too

California-based designer and builder Jory Brigham builds amazing mid-century modern furniture fused with new-fashioned creativity. Recently, he collaborated with the famous woodworker Marc Spagnuolo of Wood Whisperer for the Hank Chair you would love to own. This project was made for the Wood Whisperer Guild.

Hank Chair is designed as a static lounge chair or a rocking chair with full details. The depth of color and texture is what makes the chair seem different from other designs. Furthermore, it has clean, rounded lines – surprisingly, not a single 90-degree angle connection throughout the piece.

Bringing out such a unique form and design is a tedious task that requires hours of time and attention, no wonder the Hank Chair has been developed in four long years.

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If you have a proficient hand in woodworking, you can also make a similar chair for yourself. You can buy the Hank Chair plans and pre-made templates, complete with video tutorials over at the Wood Whisperer Guild. It is priced at $85.

Image: Jory Brigham

Image: Jory Brigham

Image: Jory Brigham

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