Incandescent glass staircase with eccentric zigzag treads

Trescalini, in collaboration with the French interior designer Frederic Hamerlak, has created an illuminating glass staircase for a client to offer a space-saving access to each level of the building. To make it space-efficient, the designer replaced the wooden spiral staircase with these glowing fittings attached to a side wall. An unusual zigzag pattern is created to offer an element of lightness and compactness to the stairway, saving an extra space within the apartment.

Each tread comes with built-in LED lights to bring soft radiance into the living room. The lighting effect and colors can be changed as per the user’s preferences. The glowing staircase adds aesthetic appeal to the interior with its slightly colorful ambiance.

The criss-cross treads don’t look safe to walk at first look but a closer look reveals a stainless steel handrail recessed in the wall which perfectly advocates the concept of minimalism.

Have a look at the images to find out how it adds an element of sleekness weightlessness to the interior.

Illuminating glass staircase adds elegance to the interior

Each tread has built-in LED lights for creating a soothing glow

The user can control the color of lights as per preferences

The stainless steel handrail is recessed in the wall

The self-supporting steps

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