Multi-functional free standing bike shelf by Marc V Brosseau

In urban spaces, we often choose space-saving furniture that not only fulfills its purpose but also furnishes the space in style. If you didn’t understand what I’m saying, then have a glance at the free standing bike shelf by Boston-based lifestyle product designer Marc V Brosseau which is an elegant bike shelf to show-off your love for cycling. Modern urban dwellers frequently travelling on a bike can place it any corner of their apartments to utilize the floor space efficiently. It is an ergonomic bike rack that allows users to take out or place their bikes easily, and includes additional storage for helmet, lock, bike, shoes and other accessories.

The bike rest covered with foam protects the bike from scratches, while it can be folded to store other important things. Underneath the bike rack, there is an interchangeable pegboard that lets users arrange the pegs, so as to keep the miscellaneous collection of things such as skateboards, headphones etc. In addition, the lower cabinet is perfect to store shoes or helmet and you can even close it down to create a discrete storage.

This multi-functional bike display rests close to a wall, so it remains completely out of the way. Definitely it is a safe, simple and salient solution for storing all your cycling gear in one place. This floor-standing bike shelf is ideal for all those who can’t find room for parking their bikes indoors.

Basic concept for the bike rack design

Comes ninety percent assembled

Foldable bike rack at top

Includes additional storage for other accessories

Interchangeable underneath the bike rack at top

Arrange pegs to store different type of things

Lower cabinet for storing shoes or helmet

Multi-purpose bike shelf

Simple, safe and elegant way to park bikes indoors

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