Solve the Puzzle Table or Use Each Piece Separately to Maintain Social Distancing

Tables are available in a variety of designs; however, creative designers out there keep coming up with new and unseen ones. For instance, the Puzzle table by Icelandic-born, Los Angeles–based architect/designer Gulla Jónsdóttir. Staying true to its name, this table takes up the shape and function of a puzzle. You can join its parts or use them individually. Keep its pieces together at one place or use at different locations – it depends on the use.

The Puzzle table comprises multiple pieces that can be adjusted or positioned separately. In a group meeting, these pieces can be placed separately, maintaining a safe distance – how cool is that! It literally means everyone has an individual table (only if chairs are also placed at a safe distance). And when needed – these pieces can also be combined as one table.

This designer table is a limited edition furniture piece. It is available in several custom finishes including burnished brass, bronze, and black walnut. The Puzzle table was lately showcased at Wexler Gallery’s Wild Nature online exhibition. It is available for purchase from Wexler Gallery in custom sizes and finishes.

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Atelier Gulla Jónsdóttir creates amazing, imaginative designs with dynamic forms that blend with the surroundings. The Puzzle table also translates a poetic design approach, which is visioned with the idea of friends coming together – like the blocks of this table.

Image: Instagram @gulla_jonsdottir_atelier

Image: Instagram @wexlergallery

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