Steampunk Coffee Table has Glass Top Resting on Carroll Shelby Engine

Steampunk home decor is a popular trend but there are limited DIY enthusiasts who build such unique metal-centric objects. Also, not everyone can DIY. But there is no denying that most of us want something individual and handcrafted. So when a cool Steampunk table like this one surfaces, we can hold back.

This is a repurposed car engine coffee table by Minnesota-based Machine Age Lamps. Founded by Shawn Carling, the company provides Steampunk lighting and furniture fixtures that are perfect for people interested in machine age styles.

These are one-of-a-kind works of art – handmade, signed, and numbered by the artist in Lakeville, Minnesota. Keeping with the individualism, this table is also unique in its own way. It is crafted from an authentic Carroll Shelby 427FE engine block.

The upcycled metallic engine sits on an antique, 100-year-old plus Minnesota barn wood base. Pistons flank up both ends of the engine block and there is pipe work on the base. Furthermore, lighting is added to each cylinder and can be controlled by a switch on the underside of the wooden base.

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A 52 x 30 1/2-inch tempered glass top finally completes the coffee table. The overall structure weighs about 150 pounds. It will make a rustic industrial style addition to any home or office that will grab attention at first sight. If you are interested, it is available for $8,500 at Machine Age Lamps.

Image: Machine Age Lamps

Image: Machine Age Lamps

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