This Crescent-Shaped Swiveling Sofa is an Undeniable Loveseat

All forms of furniture have a different aesthetic and functionality. Take for example the ECLIPSE By Italian Company VGnewtrend that instantly becomes a centerpiece and can accommodate two persons at a time. It is a sofa designed in the shape of a crescent moon and can be used in the outdoors as well.

You may have seen a variety of moon-shaped sofas previously but this one is distinguished by its swiveling feature. The swiveling sofa stands on a 360-degree rotating metal plate, which allows it to adapt to any angle of view a user likes. Two persons can sit on it at a time, even facing each other – true loveseat you say?

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The main structure of the ECLIPSE sofa is made of plywood and spruce while it is upholstered in fabric and faux leather. Measuring 270 x 90 x h 200 cm, the sofa weighs about 85 kgs. It sports a delightful shape and curved lines that will make a great impression aside from being comfortable.

If you wish to purchase the ECLIPSE sofa, it is available for a whopping $15,446 through ArchiProducts.

Image: VGnewtrend

Image: VGnewtrend

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