World’s Most eExpensive Cake by Debbie Wingham Costs £48.5 Million

Yes, you read it right! It is a birthday-cum-engagement cake and the strangest thing is it’s the world’s most expensive cake. The £48.5 million (approximately $106 million) cake is created by haute couturier Debbie Wingham, who is a globally renowned designer for her world’s most expensive dress studded with black and red diamonds.

The six-foot-long runway cake is fashioned to look like a catwalk, featuring Noir garments, which is also Wingham’s couture clothing line. Debbie created the masterpiece for one of her clients based in the United Arab Emirates, who later presented the cake to his daughter at her joint birthday and engagement party.

The cake beautifully depicts guests sitting in front row of the show, and garments certainly resemble with designer’s own clothing line, where every minute details are taken care of including designer handbags, shades, models carrying smartphones. Each figure shown in the cake is edible and handcrafted, taking almost 1,100 hours to complete.

To prepare this 450 kg cake, about 120 kg of fondant icing and 60 kg of modeling chocolate is used. However, to make this cake stand out from others, Wingham has also used 15 five-carat white diamonds, 76 two-carat black diamonds and 62 two-carat white diamonds.

The runway models are also decorated with 400 one-carat diamonds, 75 three-carat white diamonds and 75 three-carat black diamonds. It took Debbie 45 days to pull off this intricate and exclusive diamond studded cake.

Well, we have to admit that this cake is a real example of father’s love for his daughter and it’s definitely no less than a treasure in itself. The only question that is taking high tides in my mind is if anybody amongst the audience is getting a chance to taste this blinged out cake; and if yes, then who is keeping the diamonds?

£48.5 million diamond studded cake by Debbie Wingham

Each figure shown in the cake is edible and handcrafted

The cake is fashioned with approximately 4,000 diamonds

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