Best Smart Kitchen Accessories and Appliances at CES 2019

Best Smart Kitchen Accessories and Appliances Spotted at CES 2019

At CES 2019 a lot of manufacturers showcased their smart kitchen technologies. Most of them were impressive and tempting enough to mark on your ‘things to own’ list. Interestingly, all the kitchen appliances and accessories on show at CES this time around were practical in their functionality.

Consumer Electronics Show saw everything right from Google Assistant supported instant pots and smart oven to touchless faucets and food processors. All these smart kitchen technology infused products get things done without any hassle, along with making it easier for the homeowners to manage things.

So let’s have a look at some of the best kitchen accessories and Kitchen appliances that garnered attention from media as well the common man who in the end are going to use these smart products.   

1. Wi-Fi-Enabled Instant Pot Gets Google Assistant Support at CES 2019

instant-pot-Google Assitant-ces-2019

With many electronic devices supporting Alexa and Google Assistant at CES 2019, the Wi-Fi-enabled Instant Pot also gets Google Assistant support this year. This smart pressure cooker is a multi-feature appliance including slow cooking and pressure cooking abilities.

With this new support, the users can now control this kitchen device using voice commands over Google Assistant devices, like the Google Home smart speaker. This new ability of the Instant Pot was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In the demo, the smart pressure cooker was shown to operate via a user’s voice commands.

It is a good interactive feature that will be useful at times when your hands are wet or covered in food. You can, in such a situation, adjust any setting by talking to the cooker. You can also use voice commands to control the cooker when you’re away from the kitchen. You can also make certain adjustments using the Instant Pot mobile app.Read More

2. CES 2019: Whirlpool Smart Oven Takes Voice Commands, Cooks Food Automatically

Whirlpool Smart Oven

CES 2019 is brimming with new innovations in home technology and understandably kitchen is the dominant focus area that companies are trying to revolutionize. Whirlpool smart oven is precisely from that league as it makes cooking a lot easier.

The countertop oven is designed by W Labs (LG’s innovation incubator) and it’s loaded with plenty of smart features that people are going to fancy. The embedded cameras inside the smart oven detect the food item and then choose the temperature and the cook time. To get a better view you can zoom-in too.

The smart appliance is also loaded with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to set the timer or change the temperature with voice commands. The 27-inch transparent LCD display on the front door shows the recipes (courtesy Yummly app) and when you select one, it guides you through the process of cooking.Read More

3. Heatworks Duo Carafe Heats Up Water Instantly as You Pour

Heatworks’ Duo Carafe Heats Up Water as You Pour

The South Carolina-based company Heatworks debuted the Tetra smart tabletop dishwasher at CES 2018 and again they are exhibiting it along with their Duo Carafe at this year’s CES event. This time, the company is showcasing a demo model of Tetra tabletop dishwasher and will be taking pre-orders for it later this year.

Heatworks will also unveil Duo Carafe at the show. Designed in collaboration with Frog Design, this hot water carafe can heat up to four cups of water instantaneously. Powered by Heatworks’ Ohmic Array Technology, it filters and heats up water instantly as you pour it in a cup.

It can be plugged into a wall outlet at home and can also work on-the-go (single use) with the built-in battery. Each unit displays temperature and has control buttons on the top.

Just fill the transparent reservoir with cold water and it delivers water at the desired temperature right into the cup. Users can change the water temperature according to the needs; there is no need to change water even when you need cold water. Ergonomically designed to fit in the hand, this oval-shaped kettle has one spout for hot and another for filtered cool water.    Read More

4. Kohler Unveils Hands-Free Faucet with Alexa, HomeKit Support at CES 2019

Kohler Sensate

This year Kohler has announced the latest version of Sensate hands-free faucet at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If the Kohler Sensate sounds familiar, it’s because this line of faucets was first introduced in 2013 to bring hands-free control with proximity sensors. But now the new version comes integrated with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit support, taking touchless control to a whole new level.

How Sensate Touchless Faucet Works

The Sensate Touchless kitchen faucet with Kohler Konnect enables users to dispense measured amounts of water and turn the water on or off through simple voice commands or motion-based interactions.

The users can full nearly an eight-ounce cup of water or a large pot with hands-free voice control. The sensor-enabled faucet can monitor water usage that’s displayed on the Kohler Konnect app for more convenience.Read More

5. GE Appliances Kitchen Hub – Smart Range Hood with 27-inch Display at CES 2019

GE Appliances Kitchen Hub – Smart Range Hood - CES 2019

Updated 14 January 2020: GE Appliances has showcased an upgraded version of the Kitchen Hub at CES 2020. It now packs a microwave oven with an AI-powered camera that can recognize different food items. Users get recipe recommendations on the basis of the ingredients detected by the camera. The earlier version of the Kitchen Hub is now available for purchase. 

At CES 2019, GE Appliances is all set to reveal its smart range hood which has an interactive 27-inch touchscreen. The connected smart kitchen appliance is dubbed Kitchen Hub – aimed at people who want to control everything from the kitchen itself.

It has built-in Google Assistant support and interconnectivity with other smart home accessories that go all well with an IoT ecosystem. The wide touchscreen makes sure that you don’t miss your favorite flicks from Netflix or Spotify.

There’s also integration with SideChef platform (having thousands of recipes) which can guide you step-by-step to prepare your favorite recipes. It can also do things like preheating your oven to the desired temperature while preparing a particular recipe.

Also Read: Best Smart Home Accessories, Technologies and Appliances at CES 2019

Kitchen Hub has a forward-facing camera and overhead cooktop-facing camera which can be used to interact with friends and family while preparing meals. This feature will bring a smile to the faces of people who like to interact with their buddies while in the kitchen.

The smart kitchen appliance can seamlessly control other smart home devices. Right from temperature control to adjusting lighting, you can do it all.

Now, the question arises, why would someone want to have a touchscreen rangehood in their kitchen? Especially when the screen can get dirty since it is right above the cooking area. Moreover, GE hasn’t mentioned any oil or water resistance properties on the touchscreen.

Given that the Kitchen Hub is going to have a price tag of $1,199 to 1,399, it is going to be hard to lure an average homeowner into buying one.

The picture will be much clearer when it is launched officially in May 2019.

GE Appliances Kitchen Hub – Smart Range Hood

Image: Kitestring

GE Appliances Kitchen Hub – Smart Range Hood

Image: Kitestring

GE Appliances Kitchen Hub – Smart Range Hood

Image: Kitestring

GE Appliances Kitchen Hub – Smart Range Hood

Image: Kitestring

GE Appliances Kitchen Hub – Smart Range Hood

Image: Kitestring

GE Appliances Kitchen Hub – Smart Range Hood

Image: Kitestring

Source: GE Appliances

6. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator with Bixby Debuts at CES 2019

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator - CES 2019

Samsung Electronics has unveiled their next-gen Family Hub refrigerator which brings connected living to the fore. Revealed initially at CES 2016, the smart refrigerator has come a long way in the last few years.

The refrigerator now allows family members to interact with the connected device in a personalized manner. Idea is to let you focus on the things that matter in today’s fast-paced life.


Samsung has been working for more than a year now on Bixby, their virtual assistant program and the latest range of Family Hub refrigerators come loaded with the AI home assistant. One can ask for weather or news updates or may be preset the oven temperature just with voice-commands.

John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America;
Today we are introducing the latest version of Family Hub featuring Bixby with AI capabilities. Bixby now provides a new level of connectivity and intelligence designed to make everyday tasks much easier.Read More

7. GoSun Fusion Solar-Electric Oven at CES 2019

GoSun Fusion Solar-Electric Oven at CES 2019

Winner of the CES 2019 Climate Change Innovator Award, The Fusion is a solar-electric oven by American startup GoSun. It is touted as the world’s first portable oven that can work using both, electric and solar energy. Focused on creating green cooking solutions, the company will be showing off the solar-electric oven at CES 2019.

The GoSun Fusion has a low-energy, 150-Watt thermal heating element (equivalent to power drawn by an incandescent light bulb) integrated into the base of the cooking tray, which means you can cook a full meal using no more than a 12-volt battery. The heating element is captured in a stainless-steel casing that distributes heat within the vacuum tube chamber evenly. Utilizing GoSun’s patented vacuum tube technology, it makes optimal use of solar energy to cook food.

The GoSun Fusion can also work with an additional re-chargeable lithium-ion battery power bank to cook even when it’s cloudy outside. Another benefit is reduced greenhouse gas emissions since it requires no fuel. With less weight and reduced power consumption, this solar-electric oven is ideal for camping.Read More

8. Gourmia to Roll Out Smart Air Fryer, Coffee Maker & Multicooker at CES 2019

gourmia_smart kitchen appliances at ces2019

Brooklyn-based smart kitchen company Gourmia will announce three new smart appliances at CES 2019. The new lineup of smart appliances includes a 7-quart air fryer which functions as a rotisserie and dehydrator; an 11-in-1 deluxe multicooker; and a 10-cup coffee maker and grinder.

Gourmia’s 7-quart air fryer is designed to cut down the fat associated with typical fryers while offering delicious, crispy fried food. It consists of 10 different presets and RadiVection 360-degree technology for even and rapid cooking. The company claims 30-percent faster cooking compared to a standard oven.

Gourmia’s 11-in-one Deluxe Multicooker comes integrated with a 6.5-quart pot, which is perfect for preparing everything from chicken to yogurt. It also boasts a simple display panel with adjustable controls that enable you to get a perfect setup for preparing different types of meals. It also comes with a recipe book to help even the beginners prepare home-cooked meals with ease.Read More

Check CES 2019 for the complete coverage of the planet’s biggest tech show of the year at Homecrux.

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