Whirlpool Smart Oven

CES 2019: Whirlpool Smart Oven Takes Voice Commands, Cooks Food Automatically

CES 2019 is brimming with new innovations in home technology and understandably kitchen is the dominant focus area that companies are trying to revolutionize. Whirlpool smart oven is precisely from that league as it makes cooking a lot easier.

The countertop oven is designed by W Labs (LG’s innovation incubator) and it’s loaded with plenty of smart features that people are going to fancy. The embedded cameras inside the smart oven detect the food item and then choose the temperature and the cook time. To get a better view you can zoom-in too.

The smart appliance is also loaded with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to set the timer or change the temperature with voice commands. The 27-inch transparent LCD display on the front door shows the recipes (courtesy Yummly app) and when you select one, it guides you through the process of cooking.

Whirlpool smart oven can also display calendars of every family member or suggest meals that each one of them likes.

For now, there is no word on the pricing or launch date of the Whirlpool smart oven. As soon as there’s some word we’ll have you updated.

Source: Whirlpool

Whirlpool Smart Oven - CES 2019

Image: Whirlpool

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