The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has evolved into such an immersive experience for modern households that it is difficult not to be intrigued by the products unveiled year after year. Although not a tech person, I have seen CES metamorphosizing into a much-awaited show with the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence making home appliances smarter and better. This year was no exception. With countless innovations getting on the world stage, there was one key aspect at CES 2024 that I am certain every homeowner will appreciate – the abundance of smart kitchen appliances. I am an avid home cook and thus I discovered that this year the event brought legitimately useful innovations, changing the way we cook.

Here is the best smart kitchen tech I loved from CES 2024 and would love to share it with you, esteemed reader.

Perfecta Grill to Cook Steak in 2 Minutes

It may sound too good to be true, but SeerGrills has created an AI-powered grill to cook your food faster using dual infrared burners. You could say it is a two-sided toaster for meat. According to the company, the Perfecta grill can cook one-inch-thick ribeye steak in 90 seconds and any food within three minutes. The smart grill can regulate temperature, time, and food’s proximity to the heat source without human intervention. Moreover, you get to choose the sear level and it will tell you when the meat is done.

Image: SeerGrills

Macrowave Oven for One Please

Macrowave oven by Revolution Cooking eliminates the need to have two appliances, and given the reduced countertop space, it just might be the best thing to have. It is a smart, powerful cooking appliance that combines the functions of both microwave and oven into one and has none of the disadvantages. It has the InstaGLO infrared heating tech with convection/air frying capabilities. The device heats the inside of the food and crisps the outside of the food with zero pre-heating. This feature is a game-changer for frozen foods. Its large LCD touchscreen allows you to pick up preferred settings and get your food evenly cooked and quicker.

Image: Revolution Cooking

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker, Need I Say More?

This one is probably my favorite, and I believe, it will be a favorite for all the barbeque lovers as well. The GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker is a revolutionary kitchen countertop device that will let you have your BBQs indoors without triggering smoke alarms. Isn’t that something? According to the company, the technology “uses heat and a highly engineered catalyst system to turn real-wood smoke into warm air packed with flavor.” Not only that, it can make smoked brisket and pork butt to cocktail garnishes and everything in between.

Image: GE Appliances

Weber’s Versatile Smart Searwood Pellet Grill

The king of grills has arrived and brought a more versatile and affordable grill. The Searwood is a smart pellet grill that smokes the foods low and slow with high-heat searing and can be used with the lid open. Weber says it features a full temperature range from 180 degrees and 600 degrees Fahrenheit with DirectFlame cooking to create bold flavorful sear marks and golden browning. The grill heats up within 15 minutes, cooks the food evenly, and has a full grate sear zone. It features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity to let you control the grill from an onboard digital panel or your smartphone.

Image: Weber

AI-Powered Barsys 360 Cocktail Machine

While your typical bartenders are great to unload your emotional burdens on, they do have the power to cut you off when you chug down plenty. At one time or another, all drink-lovers may have wished for a bartender who would not do so. Well, meet the AI-powered Barsys 360 cocktail machine, which is a personal mixologist, ready to enhance your home bar. Using AI, the machine is designed to measure and pour your drink for you using a connected library of cocktail recipes via the Barsys app, where you can experiment to get a signature drink. Although it has benefits, you might miss chatting up with the world-weary bartenders at your local watering hole.

While the addition of smart tech in kitchen appliances is a blessing, I wonder, would it take away the personal experience and human touch from the art of cooking? What do you think about the smart kitchen tech at CES 2024? Let us know in the comments.

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