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Better Than Chocolate sofa by Tcherassi Vilato has my taste buds dancing

If I told you a sofa was better than chocolate, you’d probably discard me as a lunatic. Frankly speaking, Barcelona-based designer duo of Angélica Tcherassi and Jacob Vilató has dubbed their latest designed sofa, Better Than Chocolate. Why Better Than Chocolate? Even I am confused. But from what I can guess, probably the sofa’s resemblance to a bar of dark chocolate is the inspiration behind the name. Anyway, what’s in the name? The sofa is made from fabric or leather cushioning on natural wood and it’s seriously the best gift for any chocolate enthusiast.

Almost a piece of art in itself, Better Than Chocolate sofa is designed like a chocolate bar wherein each piece is upholstered together to form one tempting seating unit. The sofa is crafted deftly in a wooden base and backrest, while seats are cushioned as squares of fabric or leather upholstery (depending on what a consumer prefers). Better Than Chocolate sofa is made in 2, 3 and 4 seater settings, sadly there is no word on whether this delicious sofa will ever be mass produced.

Via: Tcherassi Vilato


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