Canny fire pit resembles iconic Witch-King of Angmar’s head

We’ve already seen a spectacular log stove in shape of sci-fi character Darth Vader from the movie Starwars. But recently, we came across another wood burning fire pit that is a replica of iconic Witch-King of Angmar’s head from The Lord of the Rings. This unusual fire pit is designed by UK-based Alex Dodson of ‘Burned by Design’ who is known for creating cozy environment outdoors.

Dodson has used an old propane tank as base and welded other scrap metal in form of scary Angmar’s head. The Witch-King fire pit features terrifying eyes, mouth and spikes on its head, giving realistic touch to its canny design. Outside surface of the fire pit remains rugged so that it looks tough and frightening at the same time.

You can place this exclusive piece of log stove at outdoor spaces such as lawn or backyard. It looks more eye-catching and scary when ignited at night. The fire pit will create a cozy atmosphere under open sky and make your family gathering more memorable. To purchase this unusual fire pit, you may contact Dodson on his Facebook page.

The designer has welded an old propane tank and some scrap metal in shape of the Witch-King’s head

It looks more realistic and scary on igniting fire inside the head

Via: Lostateminor

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