The term, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ has been given a new meaning by the Sydney-based Wholegreen Bakery with the Cardboard Cake in collaboration with independent advertising agency Hallway. The dessert lets people judge and assume by its cardboard-like appearance while hiding a flavorful treat. It is a cleverly baked edible cake that looks like plain cardboard challenging the stereotype of a gluten-free diet only being bland and tasteless. It is now making skeptics swallow their words.

The delightfully witty dessert is transcending the traditional mindset of gluten-free food deliciously. One can imagine a lot of things by the name ‘Cardboard Cake’ – tasteless and boring. However, it is far from boring, it is deceiving to the point that at first glance it does look like cardboard.

Indeed the dessert has the look of cardboard but beneath its seemingly boring construct, it hides a mouth-watering surprise. There is a scrumptious blend of superior ingredients like butterscotch, coffee, cocoa powder, pastry, caramel, and brown rice flour. All the ingredients when mixed bring out an enriching flavor. A cardboard-like cake that tastes anything but cardboard.

Its baking process involved designing a bespoke baking tray first, which mirrors the curves of actual cardboard, and adding wafer layers for a delectable treat. The dessert has been baked to complement a gluten-free diet without being skeptical regarding anything gluten-free.

With this dessert, the bakers are proving the point that gluten-free foods can be surprisingly interesting and taste good if only one has imagination and workable culinary skills. Cherie Lyden, owner of the Wholegreen Bakery, has been on a mission with her first-ever Cardboard Cake to prove a point that a gluten-free diet does not necessarily mean depriving oneself of the enjoyment and happiness of eating good and tasty food, while also being on a healthy side of life.

Image: The Hallway
Image: Wholegreen Bakery
Image: Wholegreen Bakery
Image: Wholegreen Bakery

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