Redefining limits in the space of modular sofa, DS-888 Collina with its new design and aesthetics stands out from the rest. Designed by the leading furniture manufacturer of Switzerland, de Sede, the Collina is part of the de Sede collection aimed to freshen your seating area. It impresses with a versatile function with a moveable backrest that moves effortlessly in all directions – thanks to a newly developed and patented function – making the sofa the ultimate conversation starter.

A result of a collaboration between DE SEDE and designer collective Atelier Oï, the Collina modular sofa was recently presented at Salone Del Mobile 2024. With refinement and perfection of craftsmanship at display, one can see a fusion of functionality and durability in its ergonomic design. The DS-888 Collina draws attention with a static base and moveable back that renders various levels of comfort and versatility.

The back has vertical, upholstered ridges that form the curvilinear top and draw a balance with a rounded and broad sofa seat. The sofa sits well on a metal base that supports the entire structure. Its innovative back is capable of moving in multiple directions aiding support yet offering unlimited seating arrangements.

The engaging design of the DS-888 Collina with attractive upholstery is available in the highest-quality leather for indoor use with base frames in either high gloss chrome or satin black. For outdoors, it employs a material with both hydrophobic and permeable properties with stainless steel frames, available in black silk matte or white silk gloss.

Used as a single unit or combined with others, it offers a generous seating arrangement providing customized head and neck support. DS-888 Collina seamlessly integrates dynamism and uniformity with practicality and aesthetic design that cater to evolving lifestyles.  

Image: DE SEDE
Image: DE SEDE
Image: DE SEDE
Image: DE SEDE
Image: DE SEDE

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