Tables have become the center of any room; from living to boardrooms, tables provide the essential center for conversations and engagements to take place. The Dew Coffee Table is a visually eye-catching piece of furniture allowing you peacefully sit around and have a good time. Designed by Dutch Designer Sabine Marcelis, and manufactured by Netherlands-based furniture brand Arco to promote interaction in a common space, the Dew is a versatile coffee table with a sculptural form and nesting capabilities.

Its beauty lies in simplicity, organic shapes, and oak wood construction that give it a natural, raw, and soft appeal. To make people feel the warmth of the Dew, Arco’s skilled handcrafted technique plays a vital role in making it the most durable furniture piece.

Manufactured from a solid-top and semi-solid wooden frame, it can withstand the ebbs and flows of daily life. Built to last, it only uses solid-certified wood and water-based lacquers.

Featuring a tactile and tangibly striking form, the Dew never seems to be a bore. Intended to be used as a coffee table, it can be used as a dining table, or as a workspace at home thanks to its organic and sculptural form. It features a round tabletop and two curved wooden pieces serving as legs.

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Moreover, it is intentionally built to be adaptable to different settings with different combinations, especially nesting configurations with other Dew models. The Dew with its distinctive structure emanates a peacefulness and effortlessly serves a large number of people.

It is solid, longstanding, and available in different sizes and heights, meaning you can have it set up with different tables, and extend the space for more people. Priced at $2,042, the Dew coffee table is a generational piece that will be as captivating and amusing to look at as it is now.

Image: arco
Image: arco
Image: arco
Image: arco

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