Ready to ghost up your house for Halloween while making it boo-tiful at the same time? If so, you need some DIY ghost decoration to spruce up your living room, yard and living spaces. Kids pretend to be ghosts with white sheets over them; it is not specific to Halloween. So, they are certainly going to love creating these DIY ghost decorations for All Hallow’s Eve with you.

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These ghost decor items are easy to curate following the instructions mentioned in the tutorials. They can add more fun to your holiday instead of making it spark fear and nightmares. Without delaying any further, try these spookily cute ghost crafts for Halloween.

Making this ghost-shaped candle holder with air dry clay is a quick project, taking less than 30 minutes. The main task is to mold the clay into a ghost-like form and make a flat place on its top to put a candle for a spooky effect. Full Tutorial

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

This Halloween Ghost Wreath is super quick to make. You can use ghost figurines to make a wreath and make a few more to hang all around your house. Full Tutorial

Image: Handmade By Charlotte

You can create several mini “boos” and string them to make a perfect DIY Halloween Banner. These will be very cute and uncomplicated additions to your wall, mantel, window, or any other place. Full Tutorial

Image: Curbly

Here is an exquisite DIY Book Page Ghost Garland idea to add some distinct touch to your wall. It will take only a few minutes to create and makes for a good Halloween decor to add some ghostly fun to your wall. Full Tutorial

Image: Thistle Key Lane

Want to add some ghastly fun to your Ghostbusters-themed movie night? Consider making these DIY Ghost Treat Buckets. Fill them up with popcorn and enjoy. Full Tutorial

Image: Our Kid Things

DIY these fun Hanging Ghosts for floating around your house. You may simply hang these ghosts around or add some bat figurines to fly along for an extra spook factor. Full Tutorial

Image: A Girl And a Glue Gun

How about some Lighted Hanging Ghosts in your yard? You need a white sheet, LED lights, and some sticks to hang these illuminated ghosts outside your house. When lit at night, these will make the passersby say a wavering, “WooOOOooo! WoooOOOOOoooo!” Full Tutorial

Image: The Navage Patch

For those who are a fan of creating their own Halloween decorations, here’s another fun idea. You can use an upcycled tin can to create an adorable Tin Can Hanging Ghost for your front yard or porch. Use a few empty food cans, paint and add a few ribbons to them. It would cost you practically nothing. Full Tutorial

Image: DIY N Crafts

Take your uncanny decor to another level with this fun Halloween Window Crasher Ghost decor. You can install the puffy ghosts on your windows using a window cling and hidden suction cups. The cling appears like broken glass for the realistic effect. Full Tutorial

Image: The Super Boo

Another idea that we have for you is the DIY Boo Bottle Ghosts. You can use any available bottles in your home, like the Chardonnay bottle or any other bottles. Spray-paint them in white and use black paint for the ghost effect. Full Tutorial

Image: The Painted Apron

This is an adorable Mason Jar Ghost Lantern for adding a fun touch to your living room, front porch, or any other place you like. Simply paint a mason jar white, and use black paint to make the eyes and mouth of the ghost. Add a cute ribbon on the top for a decorative touch. Full Tutorial

Image: Mason Jar Crafts

Consider making these easy Halloween Spooky Painted Ghost Pumpkins for your porch. When set up on the stairs, these ghost pumpkins would make the entryway to your house more appealing. Full Tutorial

Image: Jenna Sue Design Co.

You may also create 4X4 Post Jack-o-Lanterns Ghosts with chemically treated lumber. You just need to show your creativity a bit and you can form any spooky decor picture you like on these wooden blocks. Full Tutorial

Image: My Repurposed Life

Your kids will love these DIY Lollipop Ghosts decorations. It is uncomplicated to create and simple to decorate a coffee table or side table during Halloween. Even teachers can try this idea in the classroom to let kids form such easy DIY crafts. Full Tutorial

Image: Easy Peasy and Fun

Feeling more creative this Halloween season? If so, consider weaving a Macrame Ghost Decoration for your home. You may even form a macrame ghost keychain or ornaments hanging on the windows. Full Tutorial

Image: A Bubbly Life

Lastly, you can consider making the effortless DIY Ghost Balloon Floaters Halloween decorations. These are super easy to make using ghost balloons, Helium. Tie them to any desired place you want. Full Tutorial

Image: Soiree Event Design

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