Holidays are special and we always strive to create a pleasant and playful ambiance while decorating for the season. However, the task can burn a hole in your wallet. Candles, on the other hand, are an inexpensive and charming way to add spirit to the holiday décor, especially during Halloween. Whether you are looking for a super spooky setting or going for a subtle decoration, you can DIY Halloween candles according to your preferences.

Although it may seem a huge undertaking, candle-making can be a lot of fun for the Day of the Dead. Candlelight can create an eerie vibe, and candles are also wonderful gifts. Here are a few DIY Halloween candle ideas that you ought to try this year to set a fun and mysterious mood.

Create these bleeding candles to evoke the spirit of the Day of the Dead.

Image: Better Housekeeper

This DIY bleeding hand candle is surely eerie and will evoke your Halloween spirits.

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

This DIY black candle with bloody red wax is a horrific take on the eeriness of the holiday and will set a charming ambiance.

DIY printed Halloween candles are probably one of the easiest crafts to do as you only have to attach spooky prints onto the candles.

Image: Gina Michele

Torture some wax stands with this DIY tortured candle craft where you have to nail them (no pun intended).

Image: Motte

It might be a bit tricky to make these blood candles. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go.

Image: The Navage Patch

Use a black sharpie to make cute ghost faces on tall white candles to create ghost candles this spooky season.

Image: Thoughtfully Simple

One of the cutest DIY Halloween candles, these glow-in-the-dark candles are amazing. Give them a try.

Image: A Pumpkin & A Princess

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Prepare for the return of the witches. Light a cauldron candle for Halloween.

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Try this easy and fun pool noodle Halloween candles craft this Halloween.

Image: DIY Noodles

Slap some ghost faces using a black sharpie on white candles to make spooky Halloween candles.

Image: Growing Spaces

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