Vases come in different shapes and sizes to complement the beautiful flowers and accessories you put in them. These ever-evolving vessels are evermore taking on new shapes and styles as designers imbue them with distinct personalities. A case in point is the DREIECK Vases. Designed by Munich-based designer Lorenz Noelle for German design brand Dennismaass, the DREIECK is a collection of sustainable triangular vases that take their shape from architectural skylines.

These three-corner flower holders are made with starch-based bioplastic, making them tough and flexible. Flaunting the basic geometric shape of a triangle gives it a variable character that works flawlessly with any interior and any object.

Lorenz Noelle says, “When I developed the design for the “DREIECK” collection, I was inspired by the precise basic geometric shape of the triangle. The architectural skylines of major cities and the organic growth of nature also influenced this design. My goal was to create a modern vase collection that has a variable character. I designed “DREIECK” in different heights and colors so that it can be individually arranged for different spatial contexts both individually and in combination of several elements.”

For the final production of these vases designer doesn’t use water, he bakes them in 0.75kWh of electricity and gives them an interesting structure. This process makes them strong, maintainable, and sustainable.

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These vases are available in different heights from 11.5cm to 35cm. DREIECK vases also come in various attractive shades like mustard yellow, white, navy blue, olive green, etc. The outer vertical lines on the vases create a sleek design that grabs attention, becoming a focal point in a room. These vases are up for grabs on Dennismaass’s website with varying prices depending on the size.

Image: dennismaass
Image: dennismaass
Image: dennismaass
Image: dennismaass
Image: dennismaass

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