Germany-based firm studio creative underdogs is renowned for adding an element of subtle humor to their product designs. Be it their bespoke interior items for international clients or furniture collections for art galleries, the studio creates some of the coolest and funky designs in the industry. Their unique take on product design separates them from their competitors and their recent Power Rangers-inspired ‘Flash Furniture Series’ is a specimen of the studio’s quirky take on furnishings.

The Flash Furniture series comprises bolt-shaped tables and desks that are finished in bright yellow color. Varying in shape and size, these furnishings are inspired by Power Rangers and boards used for shuttering concrete at construction sites. Every single item resembles the shape of a lightning bolt in some manner.

The tallest of the table looks like a podium, without any drawers or additional space to house accessories. Poised on a flat base, the podium-shaped table exhibits a bold and playful design. The longest of the furniture is a classic school desk that reminds me of my high school table. Providing a solid, flat and horizontal surface, the desk offers a section to store books and other items. Supported by broad bolt-shaped slats, the table is well-suited for your study room. Identical to the study desk, the final item on the list is a compact table that looks like furniture for kids.

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Although the makers didn’t reveal whether the entire catalog of Flash furniture is up for sale or not, considering the limited edition batch exhibited on the studio’s website, I am assuming studio creative underdogs would soon announce the price, too.

Image: studio creative underdogs
Image: studio creative underdogs
Image: studio creative underdogs
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