It is intriguing how creativity and inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime. Pop culture, nature, and other people’s craft inspire us, as does the food. The founders of New York-based design practice Jumbo, Monling Lee and Justin Donnelley, have shown us how to seek inspiration from food items for their Fortune Chair as part of the first project for the furniture brand Heller. The versatile chair takes its pinched circle shape from fortune cookies, making it a beautiful piece of furniture.

The indoor-outdoor Fortune Chair is born from the duo’s technical skills, love of food, and expressive design. They believe in the playfulness of modern structures evoking a sense of memory and nostalgia within users. To that accord, they created the chair with smooth and curvy anatomy. It is made from a recycled plastic polyethylene blend, resulting in sturdy and durable furniture.

The Fortune chair’s symmetrical, commodious, and pinched shape seamlessly mirrors the shape of the fortune cookie with a hidden message inside. A drainage hole in the chair is created to make it suitable for outdoor settings, while a vast color palette allows blending with the surroundings. For hassle-free mobility, it is integrated with a hidden grip under the chair.

The Fortune Chair embodies the sense of being utilitarian, emotional, and beautiful. Inspired by Lee’s first experience of having a fortune cookie, the chair brings joy and ease to any indoor-outdoor space with its peculiar beauty. It boasts an expressive design rooted in the memory and resonates with people. Entirely recyclable at the end of its life, the Fortune Chair is priced at $1,175.

Image: Heller
Image: Heller
Image: Heller
Image: Heller
Image: Heller

Via: MillerKnoll

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