Technologically advanced speakers for the audience desiring connected convenience have scaled at all price points. Giving a new dimension to Bluetooth speakers on the steep end of the spectrum, Goldmund has unveiled, Cécile Barani designed, Pulp Bluetooth Speaker Set comprising two speakers and a hub for $17,000.

The design-first stereo speakers are ridiculously expensive and there is not much to explain the cost. That’s for me. You can read on to know if you want to spend 17 grand for a Bluetooth speaker.

The Pulp is fashioned in a cylindrical silhouette with aluminum construction reflecting vividly. The speakers boast a nifty design tweak where the top portion can rotate at convenience between the textile grille look or the option to show the drivers.

There is nothing to take away from the fact that the speaker duo would look fantabulous on a bookshelf or as a centerpiece in your living room, and the Goldmund hub takes care of how the music is streamed over to them. With the Pulp + Hub working together, multi-channel connectivity and high-resolution streaming playback are ensured by the use of WiSA (Wireless speaker and audio) technology.  

Designed to form the heart of the Pulp speaker system, the hub has a simple puck-like design. It’s a neat addition, however, not because it allows the Pulp stereo speakers to sync wirelessly with mobile devices (over Bluetooth aptX and WiSA) and TVs (through HDMI and other digital sources), but because its 32-channel setup delivers audio at 24-bit, 96kHz resolution.

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For the connectivity to match performance, the Goldmund’s new speaker duo comes with a 12.5 cm woofer, soft dome tweeter, and twin 175W Telcos amp in each speaker. The stylish Pulp is available in silver grey or a matte black with a back hub for £15,500 (approximately $17,000). If you want to go past the Pulp’s table version, you can add $3,300 custom stands to the speakers and have your $20,000+ floor-standing speaker system.   

Image: Goldmund
Image: Goldmund
Image: Goldmund
Image: Goldmund
Image: Goldmund

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