Halloween is almost a fortnight away and you must be swamped with decoration ideas. While some people go all out for Halloween, others prefer subtle and light décor. You don’t need to create elaborate decorations around the house but light a few spooky Halloween candles to illuminate your space with an eerie holiday vibe.

Candles are a simple way to ensure a spooky and cozy autumn ambiance. There is a wide variety of holiday candles that cater to your decoration ideas. Infused with fall flavors and holiday cheer, here are 12 uniquely shaped candles you will need for your Halloween décor.

Human Brain Candle

Image: theblackenedteeth

Handmade and adorably colorful, these brain candles make the best gift and décor for Halloween celebrations. These candles can be made in any color or scent you want them to be. They can be proudly displayed in your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or entryway.

Buy: $14

Bleeding Hand Candle

Image: Etsy/CreepyCandles

These candles bleed as they burn, creating a gory Halloween vibe. Handmade by Creepy Candles, this wax-bleeding candle was also seen in the Netflix movie “Nightbooks.” It will make a great conversational piece at your holiday dinner party. It is unscented and oozes blood upon melting.

Buy: $26

Bloody Skull Candles

Image: Etsy/TeeTopsRock

Unique bleeding skull candles are a special addition to your holiday décor. The handmade candles can be customized between scented and unscented, and in any color and size. You can also have customized blood drops on the outside as well as on the inside. Light these wax lights for bloody lit ornamentation.

Buy: $26

Spinal Column Candle

Image: Etsy/theblackenedteeth

Handmade from soy wax, this set of three spinal candles is ideal for gothic home decor. A great pick for people who like skeletal displays, these vegan candles can be burned for refreshing air with alluring scents or be used as a decoration piece.

Buy: $43

Spooky Halloween Candle Set

These vampire tears-themed candles will create an absolutely mysterious and spooky atmosphere for your Halloween dinner party. These black candles bleed red wax, resembling human blood. They are interesting decoration pieces and make a truly amazing gift for Halloween.

Image: Etsy/ShopTheSimpleLife

Buy: $21

Bleeding Vampire Coffin

Image: Etsy/DarknessVoid

Handmade with beeswax, the bleeding vampire coffin candle is a unique design and makes for a brilliant Halloween décor item. When the coffin candle is burned, it drips down red soy wax, giving it a bloody element. The candle is exclusive and limited in numbers, but it is available in different colors to choose from.

Buy: $22

Devil Candle

Image: Etsy/DarknessVoid

This handmade wax candle is shaped like the Devil’s head and is a brilliant pick for Halloween decorations. Available in two colors – black and red – the Goth Devil candle is a favorite of psychics, fortune-tellers, and occultists. You can use this candle in various settings around your home as well.

Buy: $22

Tombstone Candles

Image: Etsy/AandMCandleCompany

These spooky yet cute tombstone candles will be adorably amazing incorporation to your Halloween ambiance. Available in a galore of scents, these candles will create a graveyard setting for the Day of the Dead. You can have them customized with scent options including Blackberry Frankincense, Blood Orange, Candied Apple and so many more.

Buy: $4

Witch’s Stew Cauldron Candle

Image: Etsy/RubysCraftsUS

The witch’s stew cauldron candle will bring back the Sanderson sisters from “Hocus Pocus” for sure. The top of the candle glows in the dark while you get to keep the cauldron. Available in pumpkin, vanilla, and cinnamon scents, this handmade candle can be used as a gift idea, a decoration piece or for illuminating the Halloween party.

Buy: $28

Bleeding Pillar Candle

Image: Amazon

This bleeding pillar is a non-scented candle that is 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The candle is handmade and can add a nice touch to your Halloween dinner party. You can also gift it to someone who goes all out with their Halloween decoration.

Buy: $26

Halloween Pumpkin Candles

Image: Etsy/MaisonBohiti

Well, pumpkins majorly dominate the Halloween décor and righteously so. These cute little pumpkin candles will create an autumn celebration atmosphere in your home. These candles are handmade, vegan-friendly, made with 100 percent soy wax and cotton wicks and are absolutely cruelty-free.

Buy: $4

Eyeball Floating Halloween Candles

Image: Etsy/hooraydays

With a spooky eyeball design, these floating candles will create an eerie vibe for your festive dinner party. The red pupils staring at you with fire in them are just creepy and terrifying. You can have them floating in a big glass jar to evoke the holiday spirit.

Buy: $5

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