The Atike (ah-tee-kay) collection of luminaires features unique table lamps displaying the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the artisans of Channapatna, the toy city well-known for handmade wooden toys in Karnataka, India. The name of the lamp itself is a representation of a toy in one of India’s many spoken languages (Kannada in particular).

The light collection is a part of the ‘Of Returning’ project by the young interdisciplinary designer Tanay Kandpal. The lights aim to bridge the gap between modern design and South Asian heritage. These lamps are displayed in varied heights with a discreet lighting source emanating a soft glow that enhances mood and space.

The light celebrates the Asian narratives of design and form globally. The crafting process of the table lamp entails sourcing local wood which is then hand-turned and coated with organic lacquers to provide fine refinement and hues. The table lamp protects traditional art by staying true to the creative medium. It loosely resembles signature toys made in Channapatna, from soft ivory wood or hale mara and then coated with lacquer made from vegetable dyes.

The lamp series draws inspiration from the vividly colored South Indian homes embracing asymmetrical shapes. Meticulously crafted, each toy-like piece is assembled like a puzzle to give a final shape to the lamp. Small geometric, round forms visually appeal to the onlookers with shape and balance.

The lamp can either act as a stark contrast or complement your interiors. The Atike Light is entirely handcrafted with just a few tools. The designer aims to address the overlooked influence of South Asian heritage on postmodern design while highlighting the connection between Ettore Sottsass, an Italian architect and founder of the Memphis movement, through the Atike lamps.

Image: Anwyn Howarth
Image: Anwyn Howarth
Image: Anwyn Howarth

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