Intex Inflatable pool for outdoor

Intex Inflatable Pool

Measuring 103x 69 x 22-inches, the 14-gallon vinyl Intex inflatable pool is an affordable solution for anyone with kids or a yard that is not big enough for a full-size pool. This inflatable pool can set-up within a few minutes (quickly fill or drain) without requiring any additional equipment. Since the pool does not require much water to fill, it can be conveniently relocated, saving your money and lawn.

With the capacity of 198 gallons, the portable pool can fill enough water for children to have a good time playing their favorite water games. It also comes with a shelf box and a repair patch in case of an emergency.

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The two air chambers with double valve intake and exhaust air, depending on your requirement. But it is recommended to avoid putting pressure or leaning on the inflatable walls – or this could result in injury or flooding. The pool is also subjected to wear and deterioration. So, proper maintenance is needed.

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