Northern lights, clear skies, Reindeers, Huskies, sledges, and snow-laden trees. If you believe in this kind of holiday experience, Arctic treehouse hotel is the place for you. The amazingly designed treehouse is located a few minutes walk from Santa’s Park in Rovaniemi, Finland. It’s is first-of-its-kind hospitality experiment in the Arctic Circle.

Since its opening in November last year, it has attracted thousands of tourists till now. The Arctic treehouse hotel is owned and managed by the same company who runs the famous Santa Park (top Christmas destination in the world). It is designed by the Finnish architectural firm Studio Puisto. They have incorporated traditional Scandinavian and Lappish details in the living space.

These treehouse cabins are raised above the slopes of Syväsen hill on sturdy struts. The exteriors are expertly covered with wooden shingles for a unique fairytale-like look. There are a total of 32 cabins in the Arctic treehouse hotel and the each one is designed to enjoy the Northern Lights from large windows. The whole building structure is inspired by nature, especially the outer walls.

All the treehouse cabins are warm, cozy and are -furnished with rustic furniture. They offer a feeling of living high in a bird’s nest. These cabins have modern amenities like smart TV, en-suite bathroom , Wi-Fi and espresso coffee machine. Some cabins are private while some others are connected to each other to form small groups for big families can stay together.

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There is a good restaurant named Rakas nearby the Arctic treehouse hotel. Guests can can have local dishes, along with other cuisines here. As Rovaniemi is the capital of Finland, there are a plenty of nearby attractions. Pricing for rent starts from €261 about ($280) per night.

Attached cabins of the Hotel
Beautiful view from the Hotels’s room
Morning coffee with Reindeer outside the window
Cozy room with panoramic window
Winters, snow-laden trees, clear sky
Entrance of the Arctic treehouse hotel
Another beautiful room of the Arctic treehouse hotel
Warm and cozy furniture
Freezing weather on the outside and warm and restful from the inside
Amazing cabin furniture
Hotel’s beautiful en-suite bathroom

Via: The Telegraph

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