The fitness industry has a lot of innovation going on right now. This is proven by the fact that Kabata AI dumbbells that have been in the news in the last couple of years are now all ready to enter the market. Being hailed as the world’s first AI-powered dumbbells this is a kind of fitness product that you don’t see often. Though other companies have been working on different models of AI that can be integrated into the fitness regime, Kabata is an early innovator.

Kabata AI dumbbells bring in the next level of strength training for folks who like to keep up with their fitness goals at home. These dumbbells are fully adjustable from 5-60 lbs and offer a smart way to work out. The award-winning weight training equipment boasts a compact design and provides a combination of 12 sets of dumbbells.

For those who don’t want to hire a personal trainer Kabata AI dumbbells act like an AI-powered trainer at home. With the Kabata AI app, you get advanced analytics, progress graphs, and coaching that are effective in accomplishing your fitness and weight training goals. Also, you get to experience smart and automatic weight changing saving you from buying different sets of dumbbells. You can switch between 5 to 60 lbs. as Kabata allows you to change in increments for dynamic workouts.

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This pair of dumbbells is a sophisticated AI-enabled object that is precision-engineered and has gaming-inspired responsive feedback. They can analyze the user’s form and even correct posture in real time. In this way, it truly works like a personal trainer. What more? The Kabata AI dumbbells are durable enough to exceed industry drop standards. They are cost-effective as claimed by the company as they are affordable compared to buying loads of weight equipment and paying for a personal trainer.

Kabata AI dumbbells are available for pre-orders at a price tag of $999 though there is an early bird offer price of $799. They will be shipped to the customers in the fall of 2024. For now, they only work with iOS devices and the company states that Android functionality is coming soon.

Image: Kabata Fitness
Image: Kabata Fitness
Image: Kabata Fitness
Image: Kabata Fitness
Image: Kabata Fitness

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