British sculptor James Doran-Webb has been making beautiful animal sculptures for years now. At first, he used paper mache to create miniature sculptures and gradually started making driftwood furniture in mid 1999s. He takes years to collect fragments of driftwood from different coastal communities in Cebu and then assembles them meticulously to form horses, goats, lions, eagles and other animals. Every year in May, his latest creations are exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show, London. He has also been awarded the Director General’s Award for the best trade stand, in 2013.

His unique visions and familiarity of animal anatomy help him a lot to turn found driftwood into a variety of animals and scary monsters. Recently, he exhibited his sculptures at SM Seaside City Cebu to give a sneak peak of London’s famous Chelsea Flower Show to be held in May 2017. All his creations are unique and inspiring, so we’ll be showcasing some of his best sculptures.  

The life-size driftwood sculpture of two rutting stags got the most attention at The Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Reckless displayed at Eton Contemporary Fine Art Gallery  

Tenderness III: Life-size mare sculpture fondling her foal. Recently, exhibited at Eton Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

Graeme peacock driftwood rearing stallion at Close House Golf Course in 2013

Three racing thoroughbreds sculptures for the Gardens by the Bay of Singapore 

Tree Climbing Lions of Lake ManyaraIt

Driftwood eagle sculpture, ready to pounce upon his prey, Exhibited at The Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Swan taking flight to the high sky

Golden snub-nosed monkey sculpture housed in the 60m high Flower Dome

Cheeky monkey sculpture mounted on marble base

Five-ton draftwood sculpture of Pegasus, a commissioned work for Thacher School in Ojai, California

Highland Bull was one of the main attraction at his solo exhibition in Autumn 2016

British lop and her piglets

Two squirrels on a wooden post

Wyvern for the Gardens

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