Airbnb is full of amazing stays in the world’s most beautiful locations. Some are right in the heart of bustling cities, while others are hidden gems in the secluded wilderness. Today, we are going to explore a slice of heaven nestled in the trees of Running Springs in southern California. Listed on Airbnb, the black A-frame style Lightfoot cabin is surrounded by giant pine and cedar trees and is the perfect romantic getaway.

A secret theater room accessible through a bookcase door will evoke the feeling of stumbling onto something magical that we all had when first we watched or read about Narnia. Cozy bedroom, adorable kitchen, and hot tub, what more could you want from a cabin in the woods?

With decks on each of its 3 levels, the mid-century modern interior of the cabin will take you instantly back to simpler times. The inside of the woodland cabin is filled with surprising treats and if you enjoy solving puzzles, you are going to love this cute little Airbnb even more. The hosts create riddles that let you explore the entire space in order to find clues.

With a footprint of 1,600 square feet, the cabin feels immaculate and bigger. It is accessible via a wooden deck surrounded by pine trees, with one growing through the deck. There is a hammock hanging on the deck from the tall trees. There is even a small shoe rack outside the main door. After walking in, you will find stairs leading up to the A-frame loft and down to the main living area.

You will be welcomed by a mid-century modern look in the downstairs area that contains the living room, the kitchen and the dining area in an open floor plan. The stairs descend into the warm and cozy dining area adjacent to a well-stocked kitchen. The spacious galley-style kitchen has stunning blue cabinets, a black countertop, a four-burner cooktop with a white backsplash, a mint-colored Smeg fridge, an oven and a microwave.

There is even a Polaroid camera to take pictures during your stay and hang on the fridge. The white pedestal dining table and cantilever velvet and cane chairs are placed next to a big window so you can enjoy outside views of the forest while having a meal.

Adjacent to the dining area is a stand with board games and bathroom essentials and the door to the bathroom. Inside is a full-sized tiled shower with a bathtub and a vanity.

The living room is through the dining room. It has a daybed, a swing chair, a freestanding gas fireplace and a record player for you to enjoy a lazy afternoon during your stay. The entire space has cedar paneling and lots of windows to pour in natural light. At the end of the living room, there is a sliding door that leads up to the deck where you can sip on your coffee or grill your meal. There are heat lamps all around to create a romantic ambiance.

The carpeted loft bedroom above the living area has wooden maple slats instead of balustrades. There is a desk with a typewriter and a small table fan, an Eames lounge chair, and a huge bed right in front of the A-frame window. With plenty of storage options inside the walls, the bedroom is all-inclusive. There is even a small deck through a sliding door.  

If you are fond of reading, there is a bookcase next to the fireplace in the living room, with a secret door that leads into the basement that has been transformed into a theater room. You’d never guess that it is there but it is the main attraction of this isolated cabin.

The dark-painted theater room has a huge projector screen, a popcorn machine, two chairs and a couch, a lot of accent lighting, a candy bar, a washer and dryer behind a curtain and a second bathroom equipped with a toilet and a vanity. You can get into the hot tub out on the deck through the back of the room, which can also be accessed through the upper-level deck via stairs.

You can book Lightfoot Cabin for $320 per night at Airbnb. Don’t forget to click pictures!

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