The Supermoon Collection by Minotti London is born out of the love for the ’70s style representing clean lines, organic shapes, and minimalistic design. The modular sofas in the series adorn a large square and rectangular shape with a blend of cutting-edge technology and artistry to offer ever-evolving customizable seating arrangements.

Italian designer Giampiero Tagliaferri marks his first collaboration with Minotti, offering a striking blend of aesthetics and functionality. It is suggestive of various spatial set-ups displaying elegance and adaptivity. Perfectly proportioned with elements of grace and consistency make the sofas an apt addition to your existing furniture pieces. It proposes multiple configurations cashing upon the innovative design and is being showcased at the ongoing Salone Del Mobile.  

Arranged in diverse ways to complement the surroundings, the furniture collection provides a handful of setups to keep your living space invigorating. The monolithic low-height sofa attracts with the shape of its backrest which is made to represent the lunar phases. From round to angular to curved, one gets to witness the moon’s forms and angles during its phases through the make.

Like Minotti’s art pieces which are timeless and stylish and yet have the power to bring relevance and utility in today’s evolved environments, the Supermoon Sofa Collection brings out the same by blending modernism with traditional design. One of the single sofas in the series comes with an armrest for a cornered and cozy set-up.

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