Misha Kahn, the dynamic New York-based designer has unveiled his maiden collaboration with the Italian furniture brand Meritalia to create the Morphologica furniture collection. The Morphologica is the designer’s interpretation of human forms, curves, and bends in one of the most unconventional ways possible.

Set to be exhibited at Salone del Mobile 2024, the collection incorporates a modular sofa and an armchair woven into impossible shapes. The Morphologica collection aims to achieve a harmonious balance between traditional and contemporary elements of crafting furniture pieces.

Misha’s work revolves around the principle of anti-conformism and invariably makes a statement reflected through signature gestures and diverse use of material in the brightest hues. The collection is sculpted using numerous modules of polyurethane foam upholstered with colorful fabric. 12 modules for the sofa and eight for the armchair were combined to create the eclectic furnishings.

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A sturdy metal structure envelops the foam from all angles to bring the art pieces to life. A combination of tactile alterations to material, hues, texture, and process lies at the core of this collection. Five juxtaposing colors pair up to highlight subtle variations in each component.

Misha’s previous work also highlights the creative use of shapes and curious names adding a new perspective to his versatility and flair. You can check out more of his work on his website.

Image: Meritalia

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