Paying homage to iconic designs in reimagined iterations with refreshing twists and elements is one of the fascinating quirks of the furniture industry. The latest to tap into this trend is the Shanghai-based designer couple Lyndon Neri and Rosanna Hu of Neri&Hu. The design studio has evolved the famous Club 1910 armchair by the Austrian architect Joseph Hoffman into BLOCKS, a series of modular sofa elements that resonate the same silhouette.

The reinterpretation was proposed by Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten, an Austria-based family-owned furniture manufacturer with a historical archive of Joseph Hoffman designs. Credited as one of the founders of the design movement Vienna Secession, Hoffman’s designs were known for heavily geometric and linear elements. Working on this intriguing proposal, Neri&Hu managed to preserve the lineage of the brand without losing the impact of tradition and history, while turning it into a new piece of furniture.

Evolving Hoffman’s Club 1910 armchair into BLOCKS, a series of upholstered modular sofa pieces, Neri&Hu designed the adaptable and flexible furniture piece is designed for modern residences and commercial setups. It features freestanding low-slung modules that can also be configured together in a huge variety of combinations.  

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There are six sofa elements with a table element, each can stand on its own or be configured in different shapes together. The body of the table element is made from elm veneer, with a custom option of walnut veneer; while the top is made from Nero Marquina marble. The upholstery of sofa pieces is velvety in a rich royal blue shade.  

Choosing to focus on the profile of the seating as a whole, Neri&Hu removed the extra details of the original chair. The series is organic and geometric at once while creating a sporty and relaxed look. The minimalist design paired with precision craftsmanship, the armrest and backrest of the sofa pieces define the lavish seating area in a conspicuous arc.

Image: Wittmann
Image: Wittmann
Image: Wittmann
Image: Wittmann

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