Amid thousands of tiny houses, LEGO’s tiny house on wheels is by far the cutest dwelling you’d ever come across. Though I used the term dwelling, this particular tiny house doesn’t offer shelter to its user. It is rather a design on LEGO Ideas waiting to be realized into a complex build for the brick fans.

The plastic building blocks company, LEGO, is renowned for its miniature sets, but this tiny house on wheels is more than just a miniature. It is poised on a four-wheel trailer that is made of LEGO bricks as well. The concept showcases an outdoor deck with a table and two chairs. However, the major highlight is the LEGO solar panels on the roof. Apart from the solar thermal system, there is also a tank for rainwater harvesting and plants on the walls, making it ready for off-grid adventures.

The user who uploaded the project on LEGO ideas apparently goes by the name MOCbuilder. The user decided to build the house on a 1:32 scale (with each stud representing 0.25m), implying that the real-life measurement of the house would be been around 25 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and approx. 14.9 feet in height.

Inside the tiny house, there is a living room, open-space kitchen, and bathroom. The living room features a green sofa and some other furniture items finished in brown color. However, it is difficult to decipher from pictures what exactly the furnishing is. There are also large windows in the living room that allow natural light to pass in. Adjacent to the living room is an open kitchen that comes equipped with a stove, oven, sink, and fridge. There are other windows for ventilation in the kitchen.

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A design similar to a real-life tiny house, there is a loft bedroom that can be accessed via a ‘little climbing wall.’ The bedroom features two beds, a clock, and two cabinets. Underneath the loft, there is a bathroom that includes, a toilet, and a shower.

Showing off creativity on LEGO Ideas, the LEGO tiny house has 486 backers (at the time of writing). A minimum of 10,000 supporters would place this creative idea into LEGO’s review panel and then who knows, the tiny house is one day a LEGO set we are building at home.

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