Indonesia is deemed a dream destination by many people for the country has a lot to offer from its cheerful beaches and scintillating marine life to vibrant markets and delectable cuisines. Bali is the most visited destination in Indonesia, but in recent times the country has seen a rise in river pollution, which is a threat to the natural environment. To tackle this environmental crisis and bring Bali back to life, a non-profit organization named Sungai Watch is on a mission to collect as many plastic bags to keep rivers and oceans clean and alive.

The NGO carries on with the expedition of collecting waste and meticulously turning it into useful products. One such product and embodiment of its hard work is the Ombak lounge chair, which is the debut furniture from its studio Sungai Design. The Ombak is made entirely from waste salvaged from rivers, in collaboration with American designer Mike Russek.

2000 plastic bags are collected from Bali’s rivers and recycled innovatively to build this most avant-garde chair. The idea is to mitigate river pollution by using its waste to craft furniture that reminds people of how we as humans can save the earth if only we have the spirit to do it in the right way. The chair not only serves as a functional furniture piece but also stands out as an artistic sculpture.

Its making process involves collecting plastic bags and meticulous cleaning. Before the plastic is shredded and heat-pressed to form hard, durable sheets, they undergo a thorough washing to remove any impurities. The hard and sturdy sheets form the base of this modern chair, as they are intricately sculpted into a series of parametric panels using the CNC technique.

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Every panel of this chair is uniquely crafted and designed to give the user the utmost comfort. Thoughtfully built with innovative techniques to be as environmentally friendly as possible, it becomes an embodiment of local craftsmanship. Creative artisans make sure that the chair is assembled and polished for a more refined look. Its intriguing and ergonomic structure is formed by carefully stacking each panel to be a paradigm of sustainable beauty, artistry, and ethical practices.

The Ombak lounge chair immaculately blends form and function, underlining its seemingly dynamic angles. It has a striking visual appearance and is built to last for generations. It is timeless and takes a journey from waste to comfortable function. Priced at $960, the Ombak comes in two color combinations, Ombak lounger concrete white and Ombak lounger granite black, and one with armrests and one without it.

It is a testament to the unwavering determination of Sungai Design to minimize waste and clean as many rivers as possible. The team has shown that all one needs is a strong mindset and determination, and a community of like-minded people to bring a change.

Image: Sungai Design
Image: Sungai Design
Image: Sungai Design
Image: Sungai Design

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