The power of art lies in its ability to connect with people, without saying a word. Whether you are creating something or simply appreciating an artwork, you are able to tap into relatable emotions. If a work of art is functional like the creative face planters by Hong Kong-based ceramic sculptor Johnson Tsang, it becomes a valued collectible.  

Tsang is well known for creating porcelain surreal face sculptures that push the boundaries of realism and this planter is a great example. It’s a part of his Open Mind series made in collaboration with Avant Arte.

The plump face sculpted on the front of this white planter will make you stare at the intricate details and remind you of a young child. The planter is placed on a wooden stand that enhances its overall beauty.    

Tsang employs realist sculptural techniques in most of his art where he integrates two elements – human beings and objects. For this planter line, he has tried something different and created an artwork to be a functional piece at home.

Whether you’re a professional artist, a collector, or simply someone who appreciates creativity, this plump face planter will surely be an expression of your profound liking for art. It is made in two sizes but currently, only the smaller one is available for purchase on Avant Arte for $495.

Image: Avant Arte
Image: Avant Arte
Image: Avant Arte
Image: Avant Arte
Image: Avant Arte

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