This Stepped Cat Tower Will Encourage Your Cat to Exercise

Image: Etsy/MillyFitcat

If your feline friend loves to stay indoors, it is your responsibility to give her adequate opportunity to exercise so it doesn’t put on weight or become lethargic. Cat towers that she can use to play and rest on can offer a helping hand. Spare a thought for cat tower with spiraling steps is an intriguing option to get the fat, lazy cats moving.

Measuring 79-inches tall and 26 inches wide, this unique spiral cat tree is designed to make climbing fun for your kitty. Its design focuses on having a staircase that can encourage movement and exercise, as well as entertainment to the kitty.

The ascending steps are spaced at an ideal height for cats of all sizes to walk or run up and down most naturally. The steps are 4-inch high and 12-inches wide. From the design that meets the eye, this is not a typical cat tree; it is an exercise ladder that doesn’t make use of carpets and ensures cleaning is easy so the play area is protected from bacteria and germs.

The cat tower is made of heavy-duty wood and is double-coated with quality paint. There is a special cat-faced cushion attached to the top for providing a comfy resting place and a high perch for the kitty. A heavy weighted base with tripod feet ensures maximum stability.

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This stepped cat tower is a great furniture piece to motivate cats for exercise and also a delightful contemporary addition to any home. It is available in 9, 12, 15 and 18 steps versions – the bigger the cat the more step version should be the right choice. The price for a 9-step spiral cat tree starts at $319, available on Etsy shop MillyFitcat

Image: Etsy/MillyFitcat

Image: Etsy/MillyFitcat

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