A childhood spent carefree and happy while playing with cars and dolls goes missing as we grow up. Bringing back those cherished, playful memories of playing with dollhouses, New York-based Tiny Earth Toys has created the Tiny Spaces modular dollhouse that not only redefines imaginative play but fosters a healthy relationship among the kids.

The Tiny Spaces is not your regular dollhouse, but a modern, multifunctional unit that doubles as a bookshelf when your child is done playing. The company claimed it to be the first-of-its-kind modular dollhouse to keep the creative and imaginative spirit of your little one alive while promoting engagement and communication among the kids in a shared space.

Suitable for three-year-olds and above, it is manufactured in FSC-certified birch wood and FSC-certified MDF (recycled wood) pieces. The use of sustainable materials and water-based paints makes it durable and non-toxic for children. Considering your little one’s safety and health, it is completely tested and qualified by an independent testing facility.

Measuring 4 feet high and 2 feet wide, it seems to be of a good height for your child to play with it at eye level. It is also open on all sides for multiple children to play, which means no more fighting and crying over a toy.

Keeping in mind that some kids are hyperactive and can’t sit still for so long, this dollhouse is designed to keep your child engaged for a longer time as they unleash their inquisitiveness and work with different settings. To promote motor development, it spins 360 degrees with removable roof pieces, swings, doors, hinges, and other accessories making it an ideal modular furniture.

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This modular furniture also works in favor of slow fashion as kids grow up and lose interest in things they once loved; but you do not have to get rid of this dollhouse, instead, it can stay in your home to display your books. When turned into a beautiful bookshelf, it will foster a love for reading in kids. You also need not worry about losing little parts, it is integrated with an accessible drawer to keep them secured in one place when not in use.

Catherine Bhattachar, co-founder of Tiny Earth Toys, shared her motivation for creating Tiny Spaces, “My dad built me a wooden dollhouse when I was a little girl. It was so special to me, but I didn’t play with it very often because it wasn’t very engaging. Plus, as an aspiring parent, the amount of stuff that kids go through is terrifying. I only want to buy items my family can enjoy for many years, so I love modular furniture. When Rachael (co-founder of Tiny Earth Toys) was looking for a dollhouse for her girls, I told her about my experience with mine, and we knew we could do better”

Following a more sustainable approach, the makers decided to go for a more timeless and versatile design that stays intriguing and in use even after your kid grows into an adult. This Tiny Spaces modular dollhouse is currently being crowd-funded on Kickstarter, where early birds can get this for $339.

Image: Tiny Earth Toys
Image: Tiny Earth Toys
Image: Tiny Earth Toys
Image: Tiny Earth Toys

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