It is never easy to create a tiny house. Although it is a small dwelling, it requires careful planning, effort, and plenty of man-hours. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses had a challenge in front of them to build a tiny house for a family of three who had high expectations from the creator.

Hours of planning and craftsmanship gave birth to what has been named Valencia Tiny House. It measures 30 feet long and 8.5 feet wide and offers almost 300 sq. ft. of living space for the occupants. This tiny house on wheels is based on a triple axle trailer and can be towed easily by the free-spirited.

Valencia is carved out of beetle-kill wood and advanced wood framing. The first impression of the tiny house is that it resembles houses built to sustain the mountain areas as there are slanting roofs and wooden architecture. It is a kind of tiny home that is perfect for areas that witness rain or snow.

The entrance door has a heart-shaped peephole that allows you to see outside or if someone has come to visit, you can know who is there without opening the door. Once you enter inside, you see a sitting area complete with a coffee table that can transform into a dining space at will. It is perfect if you are expecting guests in this tiny home. The convertible table can even be used as a work table.

One of the requests by the clients in the case of Valencia tiny house was that they wanted big appliances to fit in there. Thus the builders ensured that their demand was fulfilled with the help of good storage spaces. The tiny home, therefore, is outfitted with a full kitchen comprising full-sized appliances, storage areas, countertop, and cooktop. The kitchen sink is covered with a wooden lid so the occupants can increase the countertop space when required.

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There is a wooden stove installed in the kitchen area which makes the small house cozy especially in winter. For summers, there is a spilt AC which means the tiny house is an all-season dwelling for the owners.

Ascending from the kitchen area is the storage staircase to one of the lofts which is basically the bedroom section in this tiny house. The other loft is accessible using a removable ladder and is designed for storage, especially personal belongings.

The bathroom of Valencia tiny house has a toilet seat, a small bathtub, shower area, and basin. There is a washing machine/dryer unit close to the bathroom. In totality, this tiny house doesn’t let one miss anything because it has pretty much everything a usual home has. You can watch the Valencia tiny house tour in the video below.

Image: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
Image: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
Image: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
Image: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
Image: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
Image: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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