Reduced floorplans often lead to confined spaces, thus the idea of bringing in space-saving furniture is an ingenious choice. Hopping on to this ongoing trend, homeowners can now make the most of the limited interior space with thoughtfully designed furniture. Drawing attention on the same lines is Mate, the latest convertible sofa-cum-bed designed by the Italian creative studio Zaven for Bolzan, an Italian international brand.

Mate sofa is an example of modern furniture that blends form and function. A relaxing sofa by the day, it transforms into a convenient bed offering a restful night’s sleep. You can rely on it to make last-minute arrangements for surprise guests by comfortably accommodating two adults.

The sofa sits on an extendable platform at the base that opens up for sleeping. It displays a generous shape with a plush cushioned seat, armrests and padded backrests all combined together into a voluminous make. The armrests come in handy for both the sitting and sleeping utilities.

Despite the sturdy shape, it is lightweight and has well-calculated proportions that make it easy to move. Having a round and soft profile, the sofa is made out of a cylindrical tubular steel frame that supports the entire structure. Two small cushions can be used while sitting or lying down.

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Mate provides reasonable seating and a sleeping area without any compromise. It can be used in your kid’s room, living room, or guest room. Boasting ergonomics in both configuration and form, the sofa enhances the overall ambiance with its elegance.

Transcending the conventional boundaries of a sofa cum bed, this multi-functional furniture piece is unlike any other that usually sacrifices style for practicality. The sofa offers a wide range of finishes and fabrics allowing it to be a part of any décor. Mate sofa is truly a versatile piece of furniture designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of modern living, especially apartment living.

Image: Omar Sartor
Image: Omar Sartor
Image: Omar Sartor

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