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Tuuci's F1 MAX

Tuuci’s F1 MAX sun-shade can withstand over 100 km/h of wind

Tuuci's F1 MAX

When it comes to engineering ‘masterpieces’, I am sure many of you would look forth to massive bridges or imposing skyscrapers. However, sometimes wonders do come in small packages; as is the case with F1 Max sun-shade from Tuuci. Highly reminiscent of Da Vinci’s ‘Flying Machine’ illustrations, the designers tout the sturdy yet avant garde shade to withstand more than a whopping 65 mph (104 kmph) of wind force. Well, the credentials of the conception leading to such claims include an armor-wall aluminum construction which is draped in Tuuci’s proprietary Aluma-TEAK hardwood finish, while the upper cover comprises of high-tension memory fabric. This core modular set-up is further strengthened by high-tension stainless steel reinforcement cables and complemented by a hardy stainless steel pocket construction.

As for its working scope, the span of the memory fabric cover stretches up to 18 ft, which is more than sufficient for the outdoors. The F1 Max also features an easy-drive deployment, thus improving its usability in variant conditions. Finally, the parasol can be anchored directly into the ground with reinforced concrete and steel components, or we can opt for Tuuci’s very own mounting solution of extra heavy portable shade anchors.

Via: Tuuci

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