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specimen series

Specimen Series consist of polyester sculptures looking like X-Ray images

 specimen series

Have you ever imagined what the x-ray specimens of your home appliances look like. They will for sure look like the sculptures of the Specimen Series. The Specimen series is an ingenious work of a creative and talented Korean artist Do Ho Suh, who recently also created the Steel Suspended Staircase. He beautifully fabricated detailed, almost weightless, full sized replica of the appliances and fixtures found in his Manhattan apartment. The collection includes oven, toilet, bathtub, shower heads, doorknobs, medicine cabinet, radiator and a lot more. Each of the art installation in this collection focus on the ordinary things and it is this ordinariness that really makes this art series extraordinary.

Based in New York, Suh has made use of polyester fabric to create these intricate sculptures, which appear like a CAD drawing or digital wireframe or an x-ray image of the various household appliances. The translucent nature of each piece makes viewers see the ordinary things that surround them with fresh appeal.

The Specimen Series is a part of the Home Within Home exhibition of the sculptor Do Ho Suh. The exhibition will be put up at his forthcoming solo show at Lehmann Maupin’s Hong Kong gallery. The Lehmann Maupin exhibition will run from November 14, 2013 to January 25, 2014. You can although roll the gallery to see the brilliant work of the artist, but it’s difficult to appreciate the level of detail until you see them in person.


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