Lagoon table brings a piece of ocean to your living room

Lagoon table brings a piece of ocean to your living room

Designer Alexander Chapelin of LA Tables has created an intriguing coffee table that brings Caribbean feel into your contemporary living. Entitled Lagoon Table, the coffee table is truly a work of art inspired by Capelins’ immediate surroundings of the island of Saint Martin.

Made using travertine marble and resin, building materials of table beautifully mesh with each other to offer a strikingly new twist to a classic looking design. To give the table an oceanic feel and look, each nook and corner is carved from travertine base, which is later adhered with special vibrant blue resin. The blew resin has not only helped in forming different volumes of water but also creating visual oceanic properties by growing darker toward the bottom.

Obtainable in three different sizes, the main aim behind creating such marvelous pieces is to convert simple furniture into an artistic statement that is a true reflection of the owner and his/her character. Customizable in nature, according to Chapelin, the distinctive, modern and surprising table can be created as per the clients’ requirement so as to offer them a chance to decorate their home with something that reflects upon their nature and style.

Ranging from €3,900 ($4,200)to €6,500 ($7,000), the Lagoon coffee table brings a piece of ocean in your living area, while giving your home an embodiment of uniqueness and practicability.

Lagoon coffee table

Lagoon Coffee Table by designer Alexander Chapelin

Lagoon coffee table

Made from travertine base and special vibrant blue resin

Lagoon coffee table

Each table is sculpt to show the slopes of ocean or lagoon

Via: MyModernMet


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