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Ora ïto’s high-end Venus chaise lounge is made from single marble

A good designer chair adds value and luxurious touch to your living area and when that chair is a limited edition, it automatically becomes the center of attraction. Made from one of the oldest material in the world, this exceptional marble chaise lounge is monolith carved by the finest French designer Ora ïto. He has teamed up with Citco Company known for its classic design sensibility for realize this outcome, which is exemplary.

This marble chaise is no less than an antique piece of art. It is a limited edition furniture piece – only 8 of these are made.

Venus chaise was launched during the Milan Design Week 2017. The marble chaise lounge is available in two versions – outdoor and indoor – one is made from totally bare marble and the other one is made up of fiberglass with leather lining.

Ora ïto carved marble centimeter by centimeter, leaving the dark rock with its sensual and rational lines that add value to this furniture. The biomorphic shape and digitally polished curves of the chaise lounge are its main attraction and also make the chaise look comfortable. Price for the marble chaise lounge is not yet revealed.

Venus chaise lounge’s smooth finishing


Beautiful rational lines



Asymertical shape and design

Amazing digital polish enhnacing its beauty

An Antique piece for your garden and living area.

An Antique piece for your garden and living area.


Via: HOT

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