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32 door knockers that will beautify your front door

The front door is the gateway to your home and lifestyle. It reveals much about you and your house even before stepping inside. This is why you try your best to make your front door look as welcoming as possible. Easier said than done. However, an inclination to design and a good selection can make things easier than they seem. You can simply start with selecting a beautiful door knocker to personalize your front door.

No matter how basic your door design is, a well thought out door knocker is like a piece of jewelry for your home. You can decorate your front door in your own way by picking a door knocker that is unique and accept it as your token of identity. It will create a lasting impression about you and your home on a visitor. In this article, we have brought some amazing door knocker designs; give them a look.

To make things simple for you, we have compiled a list of some unique and unusual door knocker designs so that you can choose the perfect one for your front door and decorate it the way you want to. Have a look.

#1 This handmade H-shaped door knocker is a three-dimensional and functional jewel for your front door. Its design gives quality to door hardware and adds a personal touch to your home.

#2 This skull door knocker is a great gift idea for home owners that like adding a spooky touch to their home.

skull door knockers

#3 This amazing door knocker is a unique art piece complemented by two demonic eyes that glow red every time a guest knocks. Scary, isn’t it?

lion red eye light door knockers

#4 Oberon brass door knocker is a good way to display your interest in the ficntional world.

#5 Sun bear door knocker is something that will totally change the look and feel of your front door. It is designed by Hollie Dilley. 

#6 This amazing door knocker named Scared is a functional and attractive door accessory that will surely amaze your guests with its design and style.

door knockers _1

#7 This front door accessory is made of brass in the shape of a duck in flight. Such a wonderful accessory to create a unique statement for your home.

duck coor knockersduck coor knockers

#8 Bumblebee-shaped door knocker is a unique and beautiful door accessory crafted from solid brass. The little wings and intricate details are a perfect combination of fun and style.

#9 Sculpted out of cold cast resin, this door knocker beautiful portrays the face of the Green Man as a weathered and twisted tree stump and fertile green leaves sprouting to form his beard and eyebrows.

greenman door knocker

#10 Steampunk octopus door knocker is a beautiful work of art portraying the Victorian era. It is made of cast iron and polished with resin to achieve steampunk finish. With this door knocker, immerse yourself and your guests in the magical world of the steampunk world.

#11 Cast iron molded in the shape of an owl, this door knocker is perfect to keep a watch at your front door 24×7.

owl knock doors

#12 Give your guest a great first impression with this brass pine cone door knocker.

pine door knockers

#13 This door knocker and viewer is a decorative and functional front door accessory, constructed of die casting process and comes in an antique brass finish.

S 4235 Door Knocker & Viewer

#14 Tortoise symbolizes long life, wisdom, and peace. With this beautiful door knocker, you can welcome your guests in a blessing way.

brass_turtle_door_knocker_1 brass_turtle_door_knocker_1

#15 This stone door knocker is a one-of-a-kind door accessory perfect for contemporary homes. It is made of river stone and stainless steel.


#16 Give your front door a unique touch with this square door knocker. The knocker is made of brass and bronze finished with lacquer sealant.

#17 Elegant and unique, the pineapple door knocker is an awesome way to bring sweet memories of your favorite tropical fruit to life. This door knocker is available in brass and nickel.

#18 What if your door knocker made a knocking sound of woodpecker? Have a look at Kitsutsuki door knocker. Kitsutsuki is designed to make sounds like a woodpecker with its beak when you press its tail. It is designed by Takuya Osawa for +d and comes in a range of pop colors.


#19 Greet your guests with this beautiful snail door knocker that is made of brass.

snail door knockerssnail door knockers snail door knockers

#20 This superb Labyrinth door knocker is a rare piece of art. Its design is unique and wonderful that makes it different from the rest.

labytrinth door knockersLabyrinth-Door-Knocker-Puppet-before-conservation_1

#21 Owl brass door is crafted from the solid brass. It is beautifully detailed and comes in three metallic colors.


#22 Hit the right note with this stunning treble clef door knocker. This door knocker is suitable for wooden and UPVC doors.

#23 This kissing couple door knocker is a vintage item made from heavy brass. The detailing is hand hammered.

kissing door knockerskissing-door-knockers


#24 Sculpted by Derek Bernstein, this unusual cat door knocker is made of bronze. The structure is unique, and can be mounted on the front door using a brass screw.

#25 The dragon door knocker is a beautiful door sculpture made using iron rod and sheet.  dragon door knocker

#26 This decorative bat door knocker will look great on the front door of your Victorian home.

bat door knocker

#27 The knocker handle is made in the shape of a downward bent hand holding a sphere. To knock, you need to hold the hand of the knocker and shake it a bit.hand door knockers_1

#28 This bronze oak leaf door knocker will give a decorative touch to your front door.

#29 Mrs. Powers door knocker is an adorable door accessory made of cast iron in bucolic style.


#30 This pawsome home accessory will lift the spirit of your guests as soon as they’ll reach your front door.

dog knockers_12

#31 This haunted door knocker can be a great Halloween gift. It is made of highly detailed artist-quality resin. So, be ready to welcome your guest in a horrific style!

haunted door knocker

#32 Amor door knocker is made of cast iron. It looks simple yet elegant.

amor door knockers

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