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Blue Lagoon to get its first luxury hotel this autumn

Iceland’s most popular tourist destination Blue Lagoon is going to be even more inviting soon. That’s because the destination is going to get its first five star luxury hotel dubbed Moss Hotel, and it will open next to Lagoon’s geothermal waters. It’s Located in the South West of Reykjanes, Peninsula and just 25 minutes away from Keflavik airport. This place is no less than a heaven, with beautiful scenic views, geothermal bath and pretty soon a luxurious world class hotel.

Moss Hotel’s founder says that it is going to be a perfect place to unwind the busy clock of modern life and to unlock the door to a wonder of the world. Thankfully, the hotel is scheduled to open this autumn.   

The Blue Lagoon attracts more than 700,000 tourists per year. Many celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jay Z come here to relax and spend some quality time. No doubt it is on the list of world’s 25 wonders. And undoubtedly Blue Lagoon truly deserve a five star hotel like Moss.

The hotel will have 60 rooms, and all rooms will feature floor -to-ceiling windows and outdoor terrace with hanging chairs, so that guest can watch the starry sky and enjoy the warming hospitality of hotel. The ground floor rooms will have access to the Lagoon’s geothermal natural pools, and the upper floor will have balconies with panoramic views.

The hotel is surrounded by volcanic landscape with giant natural pools. These geothermal lagoons are made up of almost six million liters of hot mineral- seawater coming from 2000 meters beneath the Earth’s surface. The temperature of the natural pools fluctuate anywhere between 37˚C – 39˚C.

Lava Cove is the spa and restaurant of this hotel, and it will offer lava heated rooms and algae-infused facial treatment for the guests.

The hotel will have unlimited supply of mineral rich water. Since the geothermal sea water with mineral-salt, silica and algae has therapeutic qualities that cures many skin problems and refreshes your mind and body, it is going to be an added benefit.

This world of wonders is most attractive tourist place of the world according to National Geographic

Hotel room adjacent to the Blue Lagoon

Lava Cove restaurant of Moss Hotel

Hanging chairs  for relaxing and gazing the starry sky   

Amazing view from hotel balcony

Firepit area to enjoy cozy evenings

The restaurant having beautiful outside views

Suite of the Moss Hotel

Beautiful scenic view from Hotel’s room

Iceland’s First Luxury Moss Hotel



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