Keyboard waffles and mouse-shaped bread

Breakfast for geeks: Keyboard waffles and mouse-shaped bread

Can’t stay away from your computer, even long enough to eat? If so, then these Keyboard Waffles and Mouse-shaped bread are perfect healthy breakfast for filling empty stomach of any tech geek. These cool food items are being fashioned from computer keyboard and mouse, which are essential necessities to feed you up with daily internet knowledge.

Created by Nexon, South Korea-based company that makes video games, these amusing techie treats are served at the company’s computer museum in South Korea. At that museum, there is a café that serves up such unusual food stuff to transform breakfast forever in a geeky way. These eye-catching food items at the café are surely to attract hungry visitors to snack on.

The sweet snacks are designed to closely resemble parts of a real computer. Therefore, the keyboard features blocky keys, and the mouse-shaped bread boasts scroll wheel along with right and left click buttons. Nexon has surely changed the way you look at your daily morning meal. Keyboards and computer mice have never looked so appetizing before. So all you tech-savvy people out there, would you like to have these delectable confectionaries for breakfast?

Keyboard waffles and mouse-shaped bread

Keyboard-shaped waffles served at Nexon Computer Museum

Keyboard waffles and mouse-shaped bread

Keyboard waffle served with other confectionaries

Keyboard waffles and mouse-shaped bread

The mouse-shaped bread features scroll wheel and click buttons

Keyboard waffles and mouse-shaped bread

Mouse-shaped pastries

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