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Relish bathing in colors of rainbow with Sensory Sky Shower

Ever dreamed of bathing outdoors under ambience of rainbow? Well, you can experience the same by bring nature into your bathroom with Sensory Sky Shower by German company Dornbracht. It is aptly named, as it allows the user to enjoy heavenly showering experience in an actual rainbow. The shower is installed with playful strip lights and spotlights that display colors of rainbow while bathing. The fixture features flat overhead rain panel that has separate head sprinkler, body sprinkler and rain ...

Diamond Washbasin by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti

Diamond washbasin adds glamour to bathroom with its gemstone silhouette

Tired of boring washbasin design in your bathroom? Add glamour into your bathroom with the latest Diamond Washbasin by designers by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti, who created the basin for Italian brand Purapietra. It is included in the Surface collection of the brand and etched with gemstone-cut silhouette, representing finely cut geometries over hard surface of the marble. With the diamond-cut layout on external surface, the washbasin appears like a massive half cut gemstone is lying on flat ...

NotOnlyWhite Scape Vanity Collection Made From HI-MACS

NotOnlyWhite Scape vanity collection made from HI-MACS acrylic stone

Dutch brand NotOnlyWhite has unveiled its latest Scape vanity collection, designed by Joost van der Vecht. The entire collection is made from HI-MACS acrylic stone that forms extremely hygienic non-porous surfaces to repell water stains. Due to non-absorbent surfaces, the wash basin collection is easy to clean and maintain.The Scape collection comprises two basin series including Scape Monolith and Scape Wall-Hung. The former features three free-standing basin units, while the latter consists ...

Flush Down Toilet Seat Closer by Thomas Reminga

Flush Down automatically closes both toilet seat and lid after use

Are you fed up of your pet’s bat habit of drinking out of the toilet when you forget to close the seat? To stop your pet from doing do, Michigan-based inventor Thomas Reminga from Start Garden Community has come up with the best solution in form the Flush Down seat closer. This is basically an automatic in-tank device that closes both seat and lid of open toilet after use. This handy device has received $5,000 in initial funding this week due to an endorsement by the Start Garden ...

Duravit E-Mood Bathroom Furniture

E-Mood bathroom furniture illuminates to relax your mind

Seeking creative ways to give tranquil makeover to your bathroom? Duravit, Hornberg-based bathroom accessory and furnishing manufacturers, has created unique E-Mood bathroom furniture for transforming atmosphere to relax your mind. The contemporary bathroom furniture comes embedded with colored LED lights that changes into three different themes including soft violet, youthful yellow and warm orange. The furnishing comprises of illuminated e-mirrors, e-cabinets and other toiletries; all of ...


10 most epic bathtubs of all time for taking a relaxing dip

Nothing reflects relaxing luxury better than a suave bathtub that offers ultimate luxury quotient. This is so because soothing bubble bath after a long hectic is just perfect for unwinding. However, a luxury bathtub can do more than that for you. These exquisite bathroom fixtures not only give stylish finish to interior of your personal sauna, but also offer divine experience that you’d not want to let go. But such lavish bathroom luxury comes only with burn in your pocket. If you’ve ...

Main Drain Urinal

Main Drain brings portable urinal attachment for home toilets

Have you ever thought of adding personal urinal into your bathroom? Well, the Main Drain has brought the most convenient solution for guys in form of a portable urinal attachment. It is an adjustable add-on for any existing toilet without requiring any extra tools and cost for plumbing. This plastic urinal is designed to easily clamp onto the side of any toilet bowl and can also be detached when not required. Due to this easy attachable/detachable option, the unit doesn’t cause any damage to ...

Swirl Faucet by Simin Qiu

Swirl Faucet ejects mesh-like streams of water for velvety outflow

Gorgeous faucets give a stylish facelift to your bathroom; meanwhile improve the cleaning or bathing experience. To make everyday washing tasks a breeze, the product designer Simin Qiu from Royal College of Art, London has come up with amazing sink fixture- the Swirl Faucet. Instead of ejecting water with force in downwards direction, the faucet spouts water streams in a beautiful mesh-like pattern around 45-degrees. Due to this, water forms crisscross design to delicately disperse liquid ...

Thanko Bath Pillow with Smartphone Holder

Freely access your smartphone in bathtub with Thanko Bath Pillow

Although smartphones allow you to access nearly all Internet of Things with touch of your finger, but the only limitation is that you cannot use your smartphone while bathing. This is because all of the fear of damaging your smartphone with splashing water in bathroom. To solve the problem and let you play with your phone while having a nice long bath, Japanese startup Thanko has unveiled inflatable Bath Pillow that comes with hands free smartphone holder. It is air bubble pillow for attaching ...

Karaoke Shower by YouTuber Furze

Colin Furze makes singing while bathing more fun with Karaoke Shower

Love to sing whilst taking shower, but cannot test you vocal cords in front of people at karaoke? Well, YouTuber Colin Furze has created the inventive Karaoke Shower for people who love singing in the bathroom, without having to worrying about any listener. Furze has designed this super cool shower installed with water-proof karaoke for Odd Invention Challenge, which encourages innovative creations by different designers. Interior of the funky musical shower is designed with classy checkered ...

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