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Meteo_Ra Showerhead

Meteo_Ra Showerhead brightens up your bathroom like a starry sky

Italian firm Antonio Lupi has created a new bathroom addition in form of the Meteo_Ra Showerhead inspired from meteors or the streak of light created by a meteor. Designer Nevio Tellatin has developed this showerhead to provide users a thrilling experience while bathing. Meteo_Ra comes in round or square design that can be fitted flawlessly into your bathroom’s ceiling. The water droplets from the showerhead pour like a natural water steam as if rain is pouring down from the sky. To create ...

BIA 2014 Cylinder Vanity

Reinvent 21st century bathroom with gold-plated cylindrical vanity

We can see infinite gadgets with advance technologies around us, but bathrooms have not really changed in any substantial way for ages. But Reece events are somehow trying to change that as they hold Bathroom Innovation Awards every year for both professional as well as student designers to appreciate their point of view on how they imagine innovation within bathrooms. Likewise, this year too they held an event with a theme to design bathroom furniture items using the vanity unit as the ...

Augmented Water Device

DIY faucet device helps in saving water by changing its color

A software engineer with code name [tamberg] has recently developed the DIY Augmented Water Device for Water Hackathon; open source technologies for rivers, oceans and lakes in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is basically a faucet device that attaches onto any tap, displaying blue light that means normal water flow but it turns red after dispensing about 1-liter of water through a tap. This change in color is an alter to the user to limit water usage as already 1-liter has been dispensed, thus ...

By Brizo Faucet Collection

Brizo’s latest faucet collection exudes fashion and luxury

Fashion is no more about stylish clothes, shoes and trendy hairstyles these days; it is also about your day to day lifestyle. To redefine fashion in your lifestyle, Indianapolis-based famous luxury faucet manufacturer- Brizo has recently unveiled its latest collection the ‘By Brizo’ that highlights fashion in unexpected places especially kitchen and bathroom. The brand has finished an ad shoot by fashion photographer Greg Lotus that showcases latest three Brizo fittings designs: the Sotria ...

Bathroom made of Belgian Chocolate

Complete bathroom suite made of 100-percent Belgian chocolate

Have you ever fantasized of living in a house made of chocolate or ice cream? If yes, then your fantasy has become a reality as UK-based Company Bathrooms in collaboration with the famous chocolaterie Choccywoccydoodah has created a bathroom collection made completely of 100-percent Belgian chocolate. Sounds delicious, right? This actually delicious bathroom can be yours for £80,000 (approx. US $133,000). The fun idea to create this chocolaty bathroom came when Bathroom’s e-trailer team ...

Dynamo Showerhead

Illuminate your bathroom with water-powered Dynamo Showerhead

Bathrooms are no more untouched with technology in today’s trending scenario of unique bathroom fittings with hi-end technicalities. UK-based designer of luxury bathroom fittings and accessories- Crosswater has also created something technical with advanced features in form of the latest Dynamo Showerhead, which is powered by its own water turbine. This simple yet elegant shower head doesn’t need electricity to power the LEDs, as the flow of water passing through the turbine creates energy ...

Splinter Works Vessel Series

Splinter Works’ astonishing Vessel Freestanding bathtub and wash basin

In the world dominated by white bathroom fittings and accessories, London-based studio Splinter Works has come up with its Vessel series offering dark sophisticated bathroom designs using carbon fiber. After the whooping success of the company’s Vessel Hammock Bathtub, their designers have expanded the series by unveiling something more impressive in form of the Vessel Freestanding Bathtub and Wash Basin. Both bathtub and wash basin are made by carbon fiber weaving that has given it stylish ...

The Shower Speaker

Party everyday while you bathe with Bluetooth-enabled Shower Speaker

Are you one of those who love singing and listening to music in the shower? If yes, then we have really good news for you as the latest Shower Speaker is created by its founder Anthony Rumeo, especially for you to transform your boring bathing routine into everyday shower party. It is Bluetooth-enabled speaker and has a shower head embedded with temperature sensitive LED lights that changes its color on sensing temperature of the water in shower. These lights turn blue when water is cold, ...

Milieu Interacts with Your Bathroom

Milieu: Link between you and your bathroom for better bathing experience

When thinking about technology, a lot of hi-tech devices for kitchen, living room and bedroom comes to our mind, except bathroom. This area of your home has often remained untouched with technology, but why this section of home is neglected when it makes us feel fresh and relaxes our body while bathing? Not any more, as Spanish designer Fernando Montero has created the Milieu, technology that lets you interact with your bathroom for desired bath experience. It is a circular device that can be ...

Freestanding Bathtub by Eva Mechler

Freestanding Bathtub in wood and glass by Eva Mechler

There are many luxurious bathroom accessories available in the market that offers both style and elegance. But, this Freestanding Bathtub by Eva Mechler, a carpenter and designer based in Switzerland, has a uniquely exotic appearance. It is designed for you to experience the beauty of natural wood in your daily bathing routine. The bathtub is comprised of walnut wood and high quality glass for a unique experience which couldn’t be experienced through other bathtubs you’ve used till now. It ...

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