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Dueacca Faucets by Adriano Design

Adriano Design’s Dueacca faucets reinvent how taps are made

Torino-based studio Adriano Design often brings something unique in form of ingenious household items and furniture pieces. This time the brilliant minds at the renowned design studio want to change the way how water taps are made with the latest Dueacca faucets. Unlike conventional taps, Dueacca spigots are cleverly crafted to be simple and functional at the same time. These taps look like a sturdy hammer, undermining foundations of the tool without compromising with its usability. The central ...

25 Concrete pieces to add industrial flair to any room

25 Concrete pieces to add industrial flair to any room

If you want to give minimalist industrial touch to your interior decor, then nothing beats tasteful concrete pieces. While concrete is often used for construction of buildings or structures, but utilizing this rugged material on other objects deliver some evident industrial feel to the specific item. Whether you choose to blend it with glass, stone or metal, concrete always provide unique flair to any room when used in unconventionally. May be this is the reason why certain designers and DIY ...

Exquisitely utile bathroom designs by QS Supplies

Exquisitely utile bathroom designs by QS Supplies

Bathroom is a place where we find ourselves more than once in a day to freshen up or unwind after hectic work schedule. Whether we stay there for hours or just five minutes, the bathroom has become basic necessity of today’s life. May be this is the reason why homeowners prefer to focus more on interior of washroom, just like any other space of their home. Living up to modernistic as well as practical day-to-day lifestyle, UK-based bathroom warehouse QS Supplies has created few ...

Brem Towel Radiators for Cersaie 2015

Brem is steaming up bathroom interior with hot new towel radiators

Leaving a hot shower soon after bathing is probably disliked by most people. But not to worry, as Brem, Italian designer and producer of radiators and heated towel rails, has unveiled its latest heated towel radiators to keep you warm even after a shower. Created by designer Luigi Brembilla, these stunning wall-mounted hot rails will not only keep your towels warm and cozy, but also add sophisticated aesthetic to your bathroom interior. These stunning towel radiators are created especially for ...

Reece Bathroom Innovation Award 2015

Reece BIA 2015 honors two minimalist yet functional tapware in Sydney

Every year, Reece Bathroom Innovation invites various designers from all over the world to make use of their creativity and skills to create innovative products for contemporary bathrooms. Even this year BIA asked designers to submit their entries by the end of June. Each entrant had to represent unique design for minimal basin tapware set or basin mixer for Bathroom Innovation Award 2015. The faucet could be of any shape reflecting aesthetics or sustainability, while incorporating advance ...

Blu-stone by Blu Bathworks

Blu-stone bold, eco-friendly collection redefines bathroom interiors

Blu Bathworks redefines the bathroom interiors with latest blu-stone, an eco-friendly signature series made from sustainable stone material. Founded by Micheal Gottschalk, Blu Bathworks is working on a philosophy based on producing bold architectural bathware that forms a balance between structure and function. According to Gottschalk, blu-stone is a unique base material that is repurposed from Japanese injection molded materials. The material is durable like stone and can be conceived into ...

Eccentric Faucets by Kakudai

Add some humorous touch to your bathroom with eccentric faucets by Kakudai

Bathroom may not be one of the pleasing rooms in your house, but it certainly makes you relax and feel refreshing. So why don’t you give some playful makeover to your bathroom? This way you’ll not only make your shower room look more appealing, but lively too. Osaka-based bathroom accessories manufacturer Kakudai has come up with eccentric faucet designs, offering humorous ways to add some whimsical touch to contemporary bathrooms. Company’s catalog featuring bathroom ...

Nebia Showerhead

Nebia shower atomizes water into tiny droplets to reduce water wastage by 70%

Do you know how much water is wasted daily while showering? Well, nearly 20 gallons of water flows down the drain everyday in shower. This is because shower nozzle technology has not been upgraded in a long time, which is one of the reasons leading to water loss. But the minimal yet efficient showerhead Nebia is aiming to change that, as it is designed to use 70-percent less water than conventional showerheads. Therefore, it will certainly save your money, meanwhile helping the environment. ...

Phoenix Sinuosae

Phoenix Sinuosae brings resilience and style into mini-pool designs

Who wants to go on a vacation if they’ve got their personal spa at home? For the 2015 edition of Cersaie, Phoenix has come up with Sinuosae– a line of modular swim spas that are designed to add sophistication and flexibility to any space where they are placed. The Sinuosae mini-pools are made out of treated cedar wood, representing a cutting-edge concept to meet desire of ultimate wellness and relaxation. These minimal yet functional wooden mini-pools give whole new perception to bath, ...

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