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DO.RE.MI. Showerhead by Paolo Bertarelli

DO.RE.MI. is minimally designed ceiling showerhead by Frattini

The trio showerhead by Rubinetterie Fratelli Frattini is minimally designed to complement contemporary architecture. Designed by architect Paolo Bertarelli, the showerhead is entitled DO.RE.MI. and is a sleek and modern showerhead that offers fully-customized showering experience. Offering a strong visual impact, the three modern stainless steel cylinder-shaped showerheads are designed to be used either individually or in combination. As an add-on to the Constellation collection, the trio ...

Fruit Toilet Paper rolls

Tooty-fruity loo rolls turn your bathroom fruitilicious

Everything is rapidly changing around us, be it any household item or some office related accessory. But one thing that has always been neglected all these years is the poor toilet paper roll. Toilet paper is a necessary day-to-day item; still no one ever tried to experiment with it until now. Designer Kazuaki Kawahara from Japanese design studio Latona Marketing Inc. wanted to change the age-old design of toilet paper wraps. So, he has given fruitilicious makeover to its packaging. Entitled as ...

Minturn Public Restroom

Rustic Minturn outhouse is the America’s Best Public Restroom

The small town of Minturn renowned for its rich mining history is now the home for America’s Best Public Restroom. Cintas, California-based supply company every year hosts America’s Best Restroom to honor inventiveness in the field of design. Company has recently announced the name of the best restroom after carefully selecting from a long list of nominations received from around the country. This year, an outhouse located in the Minturn, Colorado has been given the title of the ...

Tubone Steel towel warmer

Tubone Bath radiator is a perfect blend of function and style

Heaters are the last thing that would come to anyone’s mind for keeping their bathroom warm. Elegant radiators; on the other hand can provide the most appropriate solution, while adding aesthetic charm to the bathroom. Created by Italian designer Andrea Crosetta from Anthrax, the latest Tubone Bath radiators are the perfectly sophisticated bathroom designs you’ve been looking for. Each element consists of a tubular oval ring with 180-degree curves at each end. These radiators are ...

Birichino washbasin by Purapietra

Birichino washbasin seems to have been drawn out of natural seafront

Influenced from the natural sea waves striking onto nearby reef of rocks, the Birichino Washbasin by Italian design studio Purapietra is designed to enhance appearance of any contemporary bathroom. The pattern of the basin seems as if few wooden planks are lined in a set pattern. But it’s not made from any wooden material. The beautiful sink is crafted out of black Marquinia marble by master artisans, setting itself apart from rest of the stone carved wash basins. This masterpiece is carved ...

Oxygenics Star Wars Darth Vader Showerhead

Star Wars-inspired showerheads are perfect for dark force rejuvenation

Rejoice Star Wars fans! With scheduled release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, various companies are coming up with innovative ways to commercialize their products to increase their  sales. Following the same marketing strategy, Nevada-based company Oxygenics has produced Star Wars-inspired showerhead. Sold internationally by Bed, Bath and Beyond, the Star Wars showerhead is currently available in shape of two famous characters, i.e., Darth Vader and R2D2. Designed to awaken the forces, ...


E-shower incorporates aeration technique to use 70% less water

Australian inventor Richard West in partnership with his friend Ian Blair Hamilton has created a revolutionary showerhead that uses 70-percent less water as compared to other showerheads available in market. West being a skilled and traditional toolmaker took almost 10 years to create a super-saver showerhead called E-shower that works on Venturi Effect, discovered by Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi in 1797. To deal with constant trouble of water in many countries, the back shed ...

Dueacca Faucets by Adriano Design

Adriano Design’s Dueacca faucets reinvent how taps are made

Torino-based studio Adriano Design often brings something unique in form of ingenious household items and furniture pieces. This time the brilliant minds at the renowned design studio want to change the way how water taps are made with the latest Dueacca faucets. Unlike conventional taps, Dueacca spigots are cleverly crafted to be simple and functional at the same time. These taps look like a sturdy hammer, undermining foundations of the tool without compromising with its usability. The central ...

25 Concrete pieces to add industrial flair to any room

25 Concrete pieces to add industrial flair to any room

If you want to give minimalist industrial touch to your interior decor, then nothing beats tasteful concrete pieces. While concrete is often used for construction of buildings or structures, but utilizing this rugged material on other objects deliver some evident industrial feel to the specific item. Whether you choose to blend it with glass, stone or metal, concrete always provide unique flair to any room when used in unconventionally. May be this is the reason why certain designers and DIY ...

Exquisitely utile bathroom designs by QS Supplies

Exquisitely utile bathroom designs by QS Supplies

Bathroom is a place where we find ourselves more than once in a day to freshen up or unwind after hectic work schedule. Whether we stay there for hours or just five minutes, the bathroom has become basic necessity of today’s life. May be this is the reason why homeowners prefer to focus more on interior of washroom, just like any other space of their home. Living up to modernistic as well as practical day-to-day lifestyle, UK-based bathroom warehouse QS Supplies has created few ...

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