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Danish Fuel Jerry -Can Bathroom Cabinet

Danish Fuel remodeled old Jerry Cans into stylish bathroom cabinets

Denmark-based design company Danish Fuel has creatively transformed the old petrol carrying Jerry Cans (German invention for carrying petrol from the time of World War II) into stylish wall-mounted bathroom cabinets. These cabinets include small wooden shelves inside to store your bathroom accessories; be it shaving cream, shampoo, body wash or any other stuff. These recycled cans were stripped and sterilized to make them useable through baking and sandblasting methods. Then, these were ...

Tenderrain Babordo Shower Head

Babordo shower head provides natural rain effect while bathing

Italian shower makers Tenderrain has designed the latest Baborodo shower inspired by navigation boats. The captivating design of the shower head reminds us of refreshing shower on deck of sailing boats. It is made of wood, stainless steel and tiny silicone nozzles embedded into its wooden head which looks like seven geometric lines. The silicon nozzles drops the water like a natural rain effect on the user while bathing and also grants environmental sustainability. ...

Zazzeri Silicon Pop tap

Colorful Pop tap from Zazzeri brightens up a bathroom, saves water

Siena-based designer and architect Fabrizio Batoni has created an unusual colorful silicon Pop tap collection for Zazzeri to reduce water consumption. The tap is installed with water flow reducers to save water up to 4-liters per minute. The water flow reducers have aerators in them that mixes both air and water together to deliver a perfect water stream through the tap. The tap delivers less water but its aerators create such perception in user’s mind that he/she is getting same amount ...

Spiral Washbasin by Naser Nasiri

The intriguing design of Spiral washbasin adds a flair to your bathroom

While designing a home for themselves, every homeowner wants to have the furniture of their living room or fixtures of the bathroom to be one of a kind and special. This is why designers from around the globe have reinvented almost every household object, including the faucets for bathroom.  If you too are looking for a unique wash basin for your bathroom that is not just a utilitarian fixture, but also is stylish enough to give a whole new meaning to your bathroom space, then take a look at ...

Kohler Contactless Flush Kit_1

Say goodbye to germs with Kohler’s contactless flush technology

Most of us are hygiene conscious when it comes to flushing a toilet seat. Kohler has developed a technology to avoid contacting flush lever or button for germ-free hands. Kohler’s contactless flush kit uses electromagnetic technology to activate flush knob just by movement of hand over the flush tank, i.e. without having to touch a button, lever or any other part of the toilet tank. All you need to do is wave your hand over the flush tank when you want to flush. ...

Wing Sink by Falper

Wing Sink by Falper adds artistic flair to modern bathrooms

If you are planning to refurbish your bathroom in a contemporary style, then always remember that it is the details or the fittings that can give your bathroom the desired look. The sink is one of those essential details that can either make or break the overall style of a bathroom. Wing Sink from Italy based bathware manufacturing brand Falper is one of the tangible inventions that will leave you awe-struck. ...

Axor Starck V faucet

Enjoy fascinating water vortex within Axor Starck V transparent faucet

If you want your guests to never forget the experience they’ve had in your bathroom, then it’s just fitting to install the Axor Starck V faucet and leave it to do the rest. The transparent faucet will inevitably draw attention to the fascinating water vortex display within it. Created by designer Philippe Starck for Hansgrohe, the highly artistic yet functional faucet is genuinely a new dimension in category of basin mixers. Made from organic crystal glass, the sustainable faucet offers a ...

Bath tub

Elegant white gloss MineraLite bath tub by Meneghello Paolelli Associati

Milan Furniture Fair aka Salone Internazionale del Mobile is six days from now, but we have some very fantastic home accessories making rounds on the internet already. For all of us looking out for a bath tub, good enough to submerge us in its beauty, Italian studio Meneghello Paolelli Associati will be introducing white gloss MineraLite bath tub at the Milan Furniture Fair scheduled from 8 through 13 April. Exceptionally elegant bath made in white gloss MineraLite features a wooden base, and ...

iota folding toilet

Iota Folding Toilet is an efficient solution for saving space and water

We have come across numerous furniture units that aims to save space and are very useful for small homes. Today, we were confronted with space saving toilet for small bathroom spaces. Dubbed as Iota Folding Toilet, this  concept toilet is not only smaller in size than a typical loo, but is also more efficient in saving enough amount of water. ...

Kaldewei Cleopatra bathtub

The Cleopatra Bathtub from Kaldewei gives a luxurious bathing experience

  Made after the name of the most enigmatic woman in the history, the Cleopatra Bathtub is designed keeping royalty in mind. Just like Cleopatra, the last active Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, was known for her artfulness, captivating beauty and a splendid lifestyle, this magnificent bathtub reflects the same. Ippolito Fleitz  has designed this grand sized, Pharaoh styled bathtub for Kaldewei. This bathtub is designed to inspire people to be more creative and take the bathing experience to a new ...

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