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MotoArt Stratotanker Sink

MotoArt Stratotanker sink contrived from KC-97 front landing gear door

Love the exhilarating feeling of flying in an aircraft and would love to experience the same on ground as well? Now you can bring the same sensation of traveling in a plane straight into your bathroom- all thanks to the Stratotanker sink. Southern California company MotoArt that often created office furniture from retired air fuselage, has now come up with this streamlined wash basin to transform bathroom interior as well. Manufactured from old KC-97 front landing gear door, the bathroom sink ...

KWC DAN Iconic Faucet Line by NOA

KWC DAN faucet puts thermostatic control into archetypal shape

With changing time, faucets are also becoming futuristic and modern just like fashion. KWC DAN is one such emerging concept faucet that merges spout, pressure balance valve and thermostatic control into its archetypal shape. Designed by German-based product development company NOA, the iconic faucet line features stainless steel disc with tiny light, giving sci-fi appearance to its minimalist design. Two small sliders are also integrated into the disk to control water flow and temperature for ...

False Ceiling Rock Showerhead by AquaElite

False-ceiling showerheads exemplify your bathroom like never before

Instead of tedious showerheads that only adjust water pressure, why don’t you make your showering experience more magical with Rock Showerheads? AquaElite, Italian manufacturer of innovative shower systems, has come up with this latest range of versatile Rock Showers. These are false-ceiling showerheads that can be used either as wall-mounted, adjustable lateral body jet or rectangular hand shower. The showerheads are incorporated with colored or white LEDs to enhance your showering ...

Mizu Ceramic Washbasins by Scarabeo Ceramiche

Scarabeo reinvents ceramic washbasin with horizontal drain

Drains of washbasins are supposed to be round and in middle of the sink, but Italian sanitary ware manufacturer Scarabeo Ceramiche doesn’t think so. As the firm has revamped the design of bathroom sinks with the launch of latest Mizu ceramic washbasins. This aesthetic washbasin is design by Emo Design to suit any bathroom style with sleek and playful sewer. Instead of a round drain, the new range of elegant washbasins features horizontal drain, which cuts through entire length of basin. It ...

Signature Line of Bathroom Accessories by Rentokil Initial

Popping colors of ‘Signature’ bathroom accessories improve hygiene

You probably must be using various products for bathroom sanitization, but do you know colors also helps to improve your hygiene? Don’t believe us? Well, Rentokil Initial- major British business services group, believes so and has created a colorful Signature product line for bathroom to promote hygienic behavior. According to studies of Angela Wright, there are universal reactions psychophysical perception of colors that are common to all people and their behavior. Influenced by the studies ...


Fascinating bathtub designs with built-in storage space

Bathroom is a place in your house where you refresh yourself to kickstart everyday with new energy. Not only that, but you also unwind yourself here after a tiresome day. So it makes absolute sense that some of us prefer to install a relaxing tub into our powder room. But what if you could get enough space for storing your products or other stuff in the tub itself? Well, here’s a list of outstanding bathtub designs with built-in storage space for making your bathroom an ultimate relaxation ...

Time Aster Collection by Rubinetterie Stella

TimeAster chromed-brass washbasin tap inspired by luxury watches

Italian brand Rubinetterie Stella has created a stylish washbasin tap collection dubbed TimeAster. The elegant tap collection is inspired by the design of luxury watches, depicting the rhythm of time flows like water. The dial display of these taps is made from chromed-brass that is finished by rhodium plating technique, like for jewelry. Its dial comes with watch-like features encompassed within steel fitting, which is assembled with same technique used in watch-making industry. Moreover, the ...

Fir Italia multifunctional showerheads at ISH Fair 2015

Fir Italia multifunctional showerheads boast elegance of vibrant tones

Fir Italia, Italian manufacturer of faucets for bathroom and kitchen, has introduced the latest multifunctional showerhead collection at ISH Fair 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. The latest collection consists of four models of multifunctional showerheads- two featured by an organic design called the Synergy collections and other two with a square shape dubbed Playone collections. All four fixtures are designed for ceiling-mounted installation. The collection has built-in lighting system that can ...


Relish bathing in colors of rainbow with Sensory Sky Shower

Ever dreamed of bathing outdoors under ambience of rainbow? Well, you can experience the same by bring nature into your bathroom with Sensory Sky Shower by German company Dornbracht. It is aptly named, as it allows the user to enjoy heavenly showering experience in an actual rainbow. The shower is installed with playful strip lights and spotlights that display colors of rainbow while bathing. The fixture features flat overhead rain panel that has separate head sprinkler, body sprinkler and rain ...

Diamond Washbasin by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti

Diamond washbasin adds glamour to bathroom with its gemstone silhouette

Tired of boring washbasin design in your bathroom? Add glamour into your bathroom with the latest Diamond Washbasin by designers by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti, who created the basin for Italian brand Purapietra. It is included in the Surface collection of the brand and etched with gemstone-cut silhouette, representing finely cut geometries over hard surface of the marble. With the diamond-cut layout on external surface, the washbasin appears like a massive half cut gemstone is lying on flat ...

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