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CES 2017: Pernod Ricard designs Opn smart cocktail system for homes

CES 2017: Pernod Ricard designs Opn – a smart cocktail system for homes

The famous French company producing distilled beverages ‘Pernod Ricard’ has introduced Opn, a smart cocktail system to experience mixing various types of spirits and drinks at home. It was previously unveiled in 2014 with the name ‘Project Gutenberg’. With the help of this innovative mixing system, you will turn into a professional bartender who can prepare refreshing cocktails on his/her own. It will guide you through all recipes and ingredients required for making cocktails that you’ll love to present to your guests.

It is developed by Pernod’s Breakthrough Innovation Group. From its container to the tray, all the components are designed for premium mixing experience at homes. Using the mobile app you can explore the large database of drink recipes for becoming a master in mixing cocktails. Moreover, an official website is also there, in case you want to search videos or other information for your beloved cocktails.               

Opn also eases you in ordering spirits, cartridges and other items required for making your favorite cocktails without any professional guidance. This smart cocktail maker is slated for launch in early 2018.      

Via: NewAtlas

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