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DIY TARDIS Murphy bed foldaway to increase space in a living room

Looking for space saving furniture to increase area of your small apartment? Well, Murphy bed seems a better option as it hideout when you’ve some extra visitor in your home. But you need to shell out hefty amount of money to buy this reliable furniture for your tiny abode.

Struggling with the same problem, blogger Stubbs of The Stubby Thumb decided to create the identical DIY piece of furniture, giving it Doctor Who style makeover. Doctor who is a British television program including TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) spaceship in shape of blue police phone box.

Although the exterior of this TARDIS bed is similar to that of the police phone box, but its interior is more spacious than the original one. As it includes a whole foldaway bed with mattress, pillows, cushions and appropriate lighting. The entire hideaway bed is crafted by the DIYer herself, whilst modified according to the available space in her apartment.

According to us, the blogger and DIYer has done a pretty awesome job by making this exquisite furniture piece. If you’re also willing to make the same for your dwelling then you may follow the blogger’s steps given on her blog.


Entire bed has been created by the DIYer herself

Credit: Technabob

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